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Facebook’s 13,000 Employees to Use Microsoft Office 365 as Part of a New Deal…

A new deal signed between social networking giant Facebook and world’s one of the biggest IT firms Microsoft will allow Facebook employees to use MS Office 365. This deal will result in 13,000 Facebook employees moving over to some portions of Office 365 for purpose of internal collaboration.

Same was revealed at the Worldwide Partner Conference held yesterday where Facebook’s Chief Information Officer Tim Campos confirmed that Facebook is an Office 365 customer. Tim also mentioned that Facebook found MS Office 365’s security capabilities highly appealing.

Office 365 also brings capabilities beyond Word, Excel, and PowerPoint –

As per Facebook’s CIO “Office 365 also brings capabilities beyond Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are hard to replicate. Delve, using the Microsoft Graph, brings a new level of intelligence to collaboration by offering additional insights on how our employees work with each other. It tells individuals who they are collaborating with the most, and how much time is being spent where. The personal analytics, and other features like Focused Inbox, help create greater effectiveness at work. We’re also very excited about how we can leverage the Microsoft Graph within our own internal Facebook tools and services. This will help our employees sift through the noise by surfacing the information that is most relevant for them.”
Source: Winbeta

Prior to this deal, Facebook’s employees deployed on-premises services for collaboration purpose. However, from now on, their employees will be able to access Redmond’s web-based calendar & email services.

Moreover, as Microsoft’s Skype and Yammer face a direct competition from Facebook’s “Messenger” and “Facebook at Work”, use of these Microsoft services will be prohibited for Facebook’s employees.  Usually, “Facebook at Work” is deployed internally by the company’s employees.

As per Facebook’s Chief Information Officer Tim Campos “Facebook at Work doesn’t end the need for email. It’s not a binary thing”.

Source: fossbytes

facebook-officeThat seems true too as e-mail usage continues to grow as Facebook as well as Microsoft work on their strategy of drawing more corporate customers towards more effective newer ways of collaboration.

As per Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate VP of Office marketing, “Email isn’t dead. Its use, however, has evolved. Companies are adopting social network-style services to provide new ways for colleagues to brainstorm, annotate documents and keep tabs on projects. They turn to email to connect with vendors, job recruits and others outside their organization. Those exchanges tend to be more formal and structured than the give-and-take on workplace social networks”.
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Besides the e-mail services, Facebook employees will also gain access to using Microsoft Delve – a search based service allowing employees search and easily find relevant internal reports. So, Facebook employees will be able to find reports relevant to their jobs by using Delve after this deal.

Microsoft’s Office 365 offering

Industry experts say that Google poses a stiff competition to Microsoft’s web-based email and calendaring. Even Facebook was reluctant to deploy Gmail and calendar service of Google due to the tough competition existing between the two firms. However, Facebook’s decision to go for Microsoft’s Office 365 offering indicates the social networking giant’s willingness to address challenges related to collaboration, productivity and pressure on IT.

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