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Critical Aspects Related to Setting up a Perfect Virtual Office

Virtual offices have changed the face of the “Traditional office” by giving small and large businesses the opportunity to have the best of both worlds—the ability to work anywhere, anytime and the capacity to save tons of money on office expenses. Virtual office or cloud hosting is the need of the hour.

With no physical office or any extra technical support system, the virtual office takes your business to a new high. Principally, it contributes remarkably to the expansion and escalation of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Through the use of technology, virtual offices offer a more flexible means for operating a business and have transformed the way that business is done. According to information drawn from businessforhome.org, 427 Billion dollars are made every year with home-based businesses via the use of virtual offices.

What is a Virtual Office?

According to Wikipedia, “a virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism”.

A virtual office uses a suite of versatile communications tools, hardware and software applications to regenerate a traditional office setting while projecting a professional, business image.

 Perfect Virtual Office

What are Virtual Office Facts?

  • The virtual offices were gladly adopted and grew in 2009 to 18.3%  in comparison to the 7.8% in 2008
  • 44% of Home Based and Virtual Businesses are commenced for under $5,000
  • Virtual and Home Based Business Revenues > 427 billion!
  • Virtual Offices saves operation cost from 50-70% less, in comparison to traditional office operations.


Technologies that Provide the Inner-workings of Virtual Offices

The top four prime technologies that are used in making virtual offices work are:

  • The Internet,
  • VOIP,
  • Unified Messaging and
  • Cloud Computing Technology.


Fundamental aspects of setting up Virtual Office

To set up the correct virtual office for your business, certain fundamental elements and processes are the must. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Virtual Office works with the assistance of a team that is remotely based. It is not essential that the team members of a virtual office are confined within the walls of one office building.
    Virtual office goes beyond physical confinements. This attribute of the virtual office is termed as Remote Receptionist.
  • A well-advanced cloud computing technology is deployed in the working of a virtual office. This brings down the possibility of any fall out of data and services.
    It is the use of Computer Telephone Integration software that enables seamless execution of Remote Receptionist.
  • To ensure the right performance of all the operations involved in a business, there arises a need of one specialized person to handle the management of the virtual office.
    This professional is termed as a Virtual Assistant. He or she works like a distant control device coordinating with clients and managing the tasks.
  • While the virtual office doesn’t operate from a single location, its call center and customer service are based on one spot.
    It works to manage customer support. All the correspondence on the telephone has recorded automatically.
  • The latest technology is employed in for converting messages stored in Voicemail to email messages. A single mailing address remains functional for all kinds of communication between the client and the service provider.
  • Before working on any mails, the mailbox undergoes regular Open Envelope Scanning. All the mails are opened, content is scanned and then it is uploaded to the cloud.


Apart from these features, broadband Internet, fax-copier-printer, high-tech communication medium for conference calling and video conferencing is a must for the operation of a perfect Virtual Office.

A business with the Virtual office can operate its products and services across boundaries. This helps you maintain your professional presence in the industry at a lesser cost and higher efficiency.

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