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A Guide To Configuring Office 365 In IOS Devices

Office 365 is a brand name given to bundle of software and services to provide productivity software and the related services to its subscribers. It has different frameworks for consumers and for businesses enterprises. For consumers using office 365 support, Microsoft office app can be used only on windows and OS X. It also provide consumers with storage space on Microsoft cloud service-Onedrive and 60 skype minutes per month. For business enterprises the, office 365 services include e-mail and social networking services via hosted version of exchange server, skype for business server, sharepoint nad office online, integration with yammer and access to office software.

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Microsoft office 365 was invented to cater to the needs of organizations of all sizes starting sole proprietor, small, medium and large scale enterprises to government agencies and educational institutions. It now values a lot for the purpose of saving time money and many other valuable resources that can be otherwise used for further business development.

Some of the major benefits of Office 365 benefits are:

  • It provides access for email, documents, contacts, and calendars on almost all the devices.
  • Enable seamless and secure association with business partners.
  • It works very smoothly with Microsoft office application and other programs.
  • Provides exhaustive solutions including desktop productivity applications, portals, extranets, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, web conferencing, email, voicemail, and unified messaging

The groundbreaking performance of office 365 to business world has certainly made it subject of discussion for the world of android and IOS devices. They keen to the service as an app and has arranged almost all requirements for an organized configuration of office 365.

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If you are looking forward to configure office 365 support for apple ios or any smartphone below mentioned are the following system requirements:

  • Windows Phone 7 / 8 or above
  • Latest Android version
  • iPhone 3G/3GS/4 with iOS 4.0.1 or above
  • Blackberry OS 5.0 or above

If you want to get office 365 installed in an IOS device like mac then it has different software requirements. They are:

  • Macintosh OS X 10.5.8 or later operating system.
  • Safari 4 or Firefox 3 browser software.
  • Useful email client software is Macintosh OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • Software versions for Microsoft Office integrated with SharePoint Online are- Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Service Pack 1 (SP1) with Microsoft Document Connection installed.
  • Office live meeting software to be used is live web meeting access.

Once the software requirements are fulfilled you can look for a guide that gives steps to configure office 365.

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