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Why The Wise Businesses Rely On SharePoint

You have to collaborate with your employees, customers and your vendors every day, all day, and there is no way around it.

Everyone wants to collaborate on the go using the smart device is already in hand. In today’s scenario, it is the only way to make your employees as well as customers happy. And, keeping high-performing employees engaged is the top priority in today’s competitive environment.

Working With Your Team Members On The Go:

By using SharePoint’s out of the box functionality, your team can collaborate by using the tools required to get their work done such as lists, news, document libraries, and the shared OneNote notebooks.

SharePoint data can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office suite. Office 365 provides you a single toolset to manage your entire working environment that includes email, cloud storage, collaboration, and productivity. That offers you a great advantage in terms of efficiency.

SharePoint has helped us in keep tracking of our notes, collateral and the shared calendar. With SharePoint hosting, we can access them from anywhere, from our home, client conference rooms, hotels, and our actual office.

No matter you are using your Smartphone, tablet or a hotel computer in a business center, you are able to access the most up-to-date information in real time with SharePoint dedicated hosting service. For e.g., this can save you many times when you’re running late and you are able to finish up your notes on the go right before you record the podcast.

Enhance Collaboration By Integrating Your Sharepoint With Other Tools:

The key aspect of collaboration is keeping track on everyone’s progress (often most challenging with the mobile workforce). SharePoint integrates with a Planner, Microsoft’s project management product, that allows the tasks to be assigned and creates reports on the status of the tasks.

You are able to see exactly what’s happening with the project by using the dashboard. Also, you can get a personal view to see the tasks that are assigned to a specific team member.

You may be often asked whether a business should go for SharePoint or OneDrive. So, the answer is both. If you are collaborating with a team, so SharePoint is the best option for you. Whether via Team Site, an Office 365 Group or Microsoft Team, the collaboration is enabled via Document Library functionality of SharePoint. SharePoint allows the structured teams of multiple users to access various documents on the multiple devices.

OneDrive for Business is also fitted the best when you need to work across devices and need to manage your own documents and perhaps you engage in some minor collaboration with others. With one TB (terabyte) of storage per user, it is the most efficient tool that ensures a consistent working experience across the devices.

When you are thinking about updating or adding an intranet to communicate with employees, so with Office 365 there is no need to purchase any separate product to launch an intranet. This is because SharePoint provides a robust and flexible intranet platform.

According to a particular Group, nine of the world’s ten best intranets run on SharePoint software. You can use the SharePoint platform to add search, CMS, blogs, and the employee directory.

Working In Synchronization With Outside Parties:

If you need to collaborate with the customers, vendors, and partners outside of your organization who don’t have the license of Office 365, so you can use SharePoint’s extranet capability. You can share sites with the external parties and grant them access for collaboration without the requirement of the license for a user.

Microsoft only requires the licenses for the agents of the company that the tenant belongs to. Or we can say that your employees and the company-paid additional staff. This means that the employees of other company can use your Office 365 tenant without paying any license fee.

Customizable For Any Industry Or Project:

As you can use the SharePoint right out of the box, you are also not limited by the out-of-the-box SharePoint configuration. You can customize it to meet your business and industry needs. For many people, an inventory system designed as a custom app of a SharePoint list is one of their favorite configuration examples. This helps in keeping track of all the items as they were checked in & out of the inventory, so there is no more hunting for the missing items.

A manufacturing company uses SharePoint for managing their quality testing. When a task is assigned to an employee, so they are notified about it and then, that task can be worked right from their mobile devices.

Once the task is completed, the employee commits the data of the task. And, based upon its underlying metadata, the status of the task gets automatically delivered to the SharePoint. This leads to, anyone can check the status of the task in real-time.

Your business can leverage the basic SharePoint technology in the Office 365 in a way that meets your exact requirements for your specific work streams and projects. Every time you think that you’ve seen a unique configuration of SharePoint out there, so another configuration may come along that is just as impressive. So, it shows the true power and beauty of SharePoint platform.

Microsoft is heavily investing in the SharePoint

We hope you didn’t believe the rumors that SharePoint was dead because it is the furthest thing from the truth. Since Microsoft publicly stated that the future of SharePoint on 2016, they’ve doubled down on the SharePoint platform. And also they made it the core of enhanced experiences of Office 365, steadily released over the past few year.

Apart from that, Microsoft has also invested heavily in the first-party apps for Android, iOS, and even for the Windows Phone. So, with the improved user experience of these apps, you and your team can work not just from anywhere, anytime, but on any device, and still be more productive.

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