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Using ‘People in Videos’ Column for Searching Videos in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 comes packed with an array of features that render it highly suitable for managing content & documents within an organization. Nowadays, videos serve the purpose of training & knowledge sharing within an organization and have emerged as an advanced form of communication too.

An organization can easily share the required information with its employees by creating Intranet video portals and here’s where SharePoint 2013 comes into play.

With support for video communications, SharePoint 2013 allows organizations to create knowledge management/video portal, share videos across a team and do a lot more.

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How SharePoint 2013 Enhances Video Experience for Enterprises…

A built-in HTML5 media player in SharePoint 2013 is used to play video files; a screenshot for the same is shown below.

SharePoint 2013 Enhances Video Experience

SharePoint 2013 provides users with a highly overwhelming video experience by ensuring –

  • Easier video upload
  • Quicker video search
  • Simple, Clean UI

Enhanced video experience for users to a large extent depends on the manner in which videos are organized within SharePoint. Organizing videos is done in the way similar to document sets.

In SharePoint 2013, a single folder (also called stub) for video contains all content related to the video like user-defined properties, video renditions, thumbnails, documents etc. Whenever a new video file is uploaded, SharePoint creates this stub automatically for that video.

Searching Videos with Help of “People in Videos” Column…

“People in Videos” in SharePoint 2013 renders the user’s search for videos extremely simplified & quicker. It is a highly robust feature available in SharePoint 2013 that allows you specify the people who are a part of a video that has been newly uploaded in Site Assets library.

You can view the People in Videos column once you start editing the properties of the newly uploaded video. All videos are available at the Video View page and can be viewed once names are added in People in Videos column.

Working in a manner somewhat similar to Facebook Photo tagging feature, it allows you search & view all videos where a specific person was added. All you need doing is as follows –

  • Enter the person’s name in website search box
  • Select “Videos” as the scope
  • View the video corresponding to that person


Searching Videos with Help of “People in Videos” Column

Besides simplified video search, there is more too available with SharePoint 2013 that helps personalize the video experience like –

  • Video Ratings – You can enable ratings in the library settings to allow viewers rate your videos as per their choice
  • Video View Counts – You can know the exact number of views for a specific video using SharePoint’s powerful analytics database


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