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The User – Friendly Future of SharePoint – What’s So Special About It

It would be quite fair to state that SharePoint has followed slight pattern of failure too at times. Actually, SharePoint has been very much successful irrespective of the fact that it prompts users to do things in a way different from the common way. No doubt, the total number of licenses for  SharePoint has gone up with every passing year. However, end user adoption and proper engagement issues have also increased.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Delivering Successful Experiences to Enterprise Platforms

At the time of announcement of SharePoint 2016 general availability, three other areas of innovation were also pointed out. Same have been mentioned below –

  • Simple yet extremely powerful file sharing and mutual collaboration on any device.
  • Mobile and intelligent intranet along with all modern team sites besides   publishing & business applications not just on your desktop but in pocket as well.
  • A completely open & connected platform leading to evolution of SharePoint extensibility for embracing modern Web development.

Besides all these new much improved features and capabilities (whether incremental enhancements or purely innovative new features) there is also the recognition that overall user experience still stays at the central point of collaboration. This includes a totally new developer framework that enables activities of customers and partners via following –

  • Totally supported client-side development
  • Integration with Office Graph
  • Leveraging open source tooling (for online, on premise and mobile environments)

Microsoft is finally thinking about the elements that have made their personal productivity tools that successful in industry besides focusing on the ways of delivering some of those experiences to their existing enterprise platforms.

For this, Microsoft is focusing on creating interfaces that are

  • Intelligent
  • Responsive
  • Dynamic

While doing this, focus on productivity is also not being compromised.

Major Highlights of the Improvisations Done

The new Future SharePoint home provides a single location that serves as the point of access for all your existing sites. This location will also allow to discover new sites or even create a new site. By suitably incorporating filtering and discovery that is Delve-like, you can return to all your most frequently used SharePoint sites pretty quickly – no mater whether the files are online, on-premises, or somewhere between these two.

Basic idea behind such improvised home page is to render it pretty simple and fast. This allows users to navigate to their crucial intranet sites using any device.

Similar visual & functional upgrades have been done on following –

  • Team Sites
  • Document Libraries
  • Lists

These upgrades will allow users to –

  • View recent people and entire content activity
  • View and edit metadata

“Pin to Top” is another  robust feature that allows users to increase further the visibility of all their crucial documents/rich media. Same is done by “pinning” these  to the document library top.

For improving navigation from within all of your SharePoint sites, what you need to do is to add a link to a specific file/ folder that’s located in some different document library. This ultimately offers the user ample flexibility to move between their sites and important content.

Well, after considering all these improvisations done to make Microsoft SharePoint more user-friendly, it seems like Microsoft is moving in the correct direction finally.


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