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Unexpected Costs Associated With SharePoint – A Comprehensive Overview

Costs related with using SharePoint has been an area requiring major thinking by IT leaders.

However, there are a number of unexpected costs related to it that must be taken into consideration. It’s these costs that eat up the ROI and cause problems later.

In order to get the best ROI for your spent on SharePoint , make sure to factor following expenses into your existing SharePoint strategy.


Experts say that SharePoint’s greatest plus point, simplicity of use, often becomes its biggest curse.

As the collaboration platform is very easy to use, adoption rate accordingly becomes quite high. The direct drawback of high rate of user adoption is inconsistent use of the product.

Hence, design & governance standards require formulation.

Time & effort are essentially required for developing and effectively maintaining a unique SharePoint governance plan that not only outlines the content type that requires loading into the system but also the comprehensive guidelines for approaching & supporting different SharePoint projects.

It’s not essential for IT leaders to design a complete governance strategy up front. Rather, they can do some initial-level planning and allow growth of their governance standards so as to reflect dynamic user patterns.

Change Management

After SharePoint has been deployed, users will require changing their current approaches to creating & managing information. Considering people’s reluctance to adopt change, it’s highly recommended to have a proactive change management program in place.

This training can be as straight-forward as a simple formal communication stating the significance of SharePoint. Else, you can also consider an internal newsletter or an e-mail campaign for promoting the correct use of SharePoint.

Such training will provide demonstrations to people about how SharePoint can help in making their lives easier. The total costs of the change management effort shall vary as per the intensity.

SharePoint Application Training

Possibly, your users are very much familiar with SharePoint, which is a great thing. However, using SharePoint to solve a particular business problem (like automating a contract management process) does require some training.

As per convenience, training can be provided by your internal staff or outside consultants.

As SharePoint’s user interface is highly intuitive, training effort for end-users is measured typically in hours instead of days or weeks. SharePoint administrators though may require a few days of rigorous training.

In regard to SharePoint dedicated hosting, it can be said that it is the absolute responsibility of the service provider.

The dedicated SharePoint server is managed by experts who have prior training. So, you need not think of training when managed SharePoint hosting is a part of your SharePoint strategy.

SharePoint Community Participation

The SharePoint community is indeed collegial. It’s always on and expanding continually.

For example, SharePoint experts spend their time speaking at Microsoft offices on SharePoint Saturdays. There is no additional charge for attending one of these presentations.

SharePoint Saturdays indeed are a great information source. However, if actually electing to attend the event or any of the SharePoint conferences, do factor related travel expenses in your SharePoint cost equation.

These are few costs that IT leaders need to keep in mind while framing the SharePoint strategy for their organization.


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