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Syncing your SharePoint Document Library with OneDrive

If you spend your most of the time outside or you work in the places where the Internet connection is not available, so you should need a scenario where your files can be available in the offline mode. Here you will get to know about a feature that is not usually enlightened by many users.

However, these days lots of users are inquiring about this feature, so here you would get know how it works as well as what are its limitations. And, the feature we are talking about is – OneDrive Sync. This feature allows the users to sync the entire SharePoint Document library to their computer. And, they can make changes on their system and all the changes will automatically sync back to the SharePoint when they have the Internet Connection.

To Sync SharePoint Document Library with OneDrive

Syncing the files on your PC is quite simple and straightforward:-

Step 1 –

Go to the library that you want to sync

Step 2 –

Then, click on the Sync button

Note :

If you don’t have OneDrive application installed on your system, then it will prompt you to download that application first and then you can do that process.

Step 3 –

Once you have done, then the library will sync to your system.

Apart from that, the OneDrive is the app that allows you to sync the SharePoint Document Library is the same app that also allows you to sync your folders and files from your own OneDrive for the Business Account. And also you can easily differentiate between the two in your system OneDrive for your Business Folder.

Your Desktop OneDrive will show two ‘folders’ and i.e. – One folder that syncs your files and folders from your own OneDrive for the Business account and the other one is that syncs all of your SharePoint document libraries.

Isn’t it looks so simple? You can feel it is quite like using the DropBox. Now, talk about some of the dark sides of OneDrive for Business Sync and here we will discuss its limitations as well.

Here are some of the most common problems with SharePoint Document Library Sync with OneDrive:-

• You can’t sync individual folders
• It can be easily deleted
• Mac users can’t sync to SharePoint Document Library
• There is no way to view the metadata on your system
• Just 5,000 items limit threshold on the document library

To prevent the users from syncing the SharePoint Document Libraries

In case, if you want to prevent the users from syncing a document library to their system, then you can do the following:-

Step 1 –

In a given Library, go to the Library Settings

Step 2 –

Then, click on the Advanced Settings

Step 3 –

Now select “No” on radio button under the option – ‘Allow items from this document library to be downloaded to offline clients?’

Step 4 –

Click on Save button

Now the Sync Button which is above the library will be grayed out.

Hopefully, now you will be easily able to sync your SharePoint Document Library with OneDrive. Besides that, to have the hassle-free experience, you can opt for dedicated SharePoint Server Hosting services without ado.

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