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Steps To Display Related Items In Site Columns In SharePoint 2013

Microsoft’s SharePoint has turned out to be a major tool in for business growth for many companies. Today many companies are adopting this web application platform to streamline communication, develop web applications, manage documents and information, handle tasks and lastly to improve business health.

Though many versions have been launched but the release of SharePoint 2013 brought a revolution in the way companies operate today. It is packed with new features by replacing the old ones. This version of SharePoint has created a stir among many of the companies because it enhances business intelligence, improves public facing web hosting, have enterprise social media capabilities, better mobile device support and also efficient document management.

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The earlier version of SharePoint had site column which was a document library that belonged to the entire site. However, it could not only be used for lists/ libraries created in the sites but also in the subsites. But after the launch of SharePoint 2013 we could see a new introduction called Related Items in Site Columns found in Task Content Type.

This feature in SharePoint 2013 has proved to be very helpful for business prospect. It basically helps in finding related information for any list or library. When an item is created, one can give reference to any other item in same or different list or library to make it a related unit.

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As mentioned earlier Related Item is in Task Content Type, but it is by default. It is basically a part of a hidden group but it can be customized. If you want to show related item in SharePoint 2013 here are few easy steps to follow.

  1. First navigate to site settings and then Site Content Type.
  2. On that page you will find Tasks and by clicking into it you will be directed to the column ‘Related Item’.
  3. After you click on Related Item you would see Site Content Type which will take you to Change Content Type Column.
  4. You can edit Site Content Type.
  5. Once you go to Edit Column you would notice on Hidden group. Now all you need to do to show related Item in SharePoint 2013 is to change existing group to extended columns.
  6. Then you have to navigate to site setting and select the site columns option.
  7. After this you have to select extended columns in Show Groups and then you can see related item in any list or library.

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