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Steps for Creating a SubSite in SharePoint 2013

In the recent developments, a substantial change has been introduced in SharePoint 2013 by Microsoft. It has made several modifications in the process of creating a SubSite in SharePoint 2013. The decision has been taken after taking into consideration the difficulties faced by users while making a new SubSite in SharePoint 2013.

Now, users can find the option to create a new file in the View drop down. Earlier, it was available in the Menu option. However, one can add the “Create Sites” option on the Settings drop down with the use of a Custom Action Feature.

With the changes made in the process of creating a SubSite, users may encounter some problems while working with SharePoint 2013. To help you out on how to create a SubSite in SharePoint 2013, we have enlisted the steps to be followed for creating a SubSite in SharePoint 2013:

  • Go to the upper right corner of the website. Select “Site Settings Wheel”. Then select “Site Contents” option.
  • The Site Contents page will appear. There will be a heading, Subsites. Select “New SubSite” link.
  • The New SharePoint Site page will appear.
  • In the given columns, fill in the Title and Description that you wish to give to the new SubSite.
  • Also, for the Web Site Address (URL), a unique site name must be entered. This will be the text that appears in the URL Name text box.
  • Select a template as per your choice.
  • Select Permissions and Navigation Inheritance.
  • Select Create option when you have filled all the details and selected your preferences.

A SubSite will be created in SharePoint 2013.

The sites created are stored in the form of a hierarchy. The first position in the hierarchy is held by a special type of site. This top rank site is termed as a Site Collection. Each site within the Site Collection is termed as a SubSite. For the purpose of creating a Site Collection, users need to get a permit cleared.

So, when you follow the above mentioned steps or directions, you will be creating a SubSite within a specific Site Collection. Therefore, it is mandatory to seek permission form the Site Collection. However, there is not much difference in the use of a SubSite or a Site Collection. For any user, both the sites appear same and function in the same manner. Only the difference lies in the navigation process and security settings. Also, there are3 several differences in the features hosted by both the sites.

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