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Site Collection SEO in SharePoint 2013

When building public based websites, it is always a better idea to certify that your content will appear high in the search results rather than your site getting marked in Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ability of optimizing public based websites for marking by search engines. From SEO perspective, there are a number of things that you can do to improve the ranking of your content in organic search results. Some of them have to do with the content but there are a number of technology-related such as XML sitemaps or Meta tags that you can use as well.

Search Engine Optimization benefits your site to be marked in Google. If your site is a public based website, it is really essential to implement SEO technique in the site. Some of the major advantages you can implement as a part of SEO are writing a proper title for the page, keywords and Meta descriptions. Earlier, there was no direct approach to implement SEO but as a part of web content management feature, SharePoint 2013 plays a major role for Search Engine Optimization.

One of these fresh abilities of SharePoint 2013 is the intrinsic support for Search Engine Optimization of public based websites. It also permits to offer SEO Properties for your Publishing Pages. On this Page, you can open the Ribbon, activate the Page tab and then from the Manage group, open the choices under the Edit Properties button and choose the Edit SEO Properties option.

Let’s have a look at some of the options in SharePoint 2013 site collection SEO.

Meta Tags 

You do not need to augment the SEO Tags in your Master Page SharePoint 2013 as it has a unique feature for that.  You can add and edit SEO via Search Engine Optimization Settings in Site Collection Administration. All you have to do is navigate to Site Settings and then click on the Under Site Collection Administration and go to Search engine optimization settings

XML Sitemap

SharePoint 2013 offers intuitive support for generating XML Sitemaps. In order to create an XML Sitemap for your website, you first have to allow the Search Engine Sitemap Site Collection Feature. When XmlSiteMap feature is initiated, it records the site collection with Search Engine Sitemap timer job which functions daily by default. This produces XML Sitemap for every Site Collection that has been recorded with that Timer Job. It not only produces the XML Sitemap itself but also changes the robots.txt file.

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