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What Is Causing your SharePoint To Slow Down During Mass Uploads?

During major migrations of documents in SharePoint, one of the most critical problems has been slow uploading. Such slow upload of documents consumes considerable chunks of your time, thus causing the overall SharePoint efficiency to go down.

Users find slowness of SharePoint as one of the biggest challenges too and the same is evident from following survey results –

So, what’s the reason behind such slow uploading when several documents are uploaded in SharePoint? Let’s take a look at the reasons in detail.

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Reasons behind SharePoint Slowing Down While Uploading Massive Documents :-

1. Default SQL Server setting is full

Ideally, having a “full” setting for the content database recovery model is considered to be correct for production environment. However, due to this setting, the content loading may get slowed down.

What We Suggest – Ensure recovery mode setting is simple so that causes transaction log content to be truncated whenever any checkpoint is issued for database.

2. Search Indexing Issue

Search indexing is consuming resources that are required on your servers for document migration

What We Suggest – Ensure correct scheduling of search jobs while conducting mass document upload

3. Impact of Antivirus Scanning

If your antivirus scans every document being uploaded, thereby consuming considerable time, then it can slow things down for you.

What We Suggest – You can avoid the antivirus scanning all your uploaded documents if the same have been already scanned & checked while being uploaded at the original location.

So, by avoiding the double scan, you can avoid slowing down your SharePoint.

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4. Inappropriate Database Size

For most SharePoint databases, the default database size settings may not be that appropriate, thus causing your SharePoint to slow down

What We Suggest – Simply alter your content database setting in a manner that allows you to upload any data size quickly & easily

5. Effect of Storage Performance

Your documents upload rate may be largely influenced by your storage’s performance.

What We Suggest – Consider the case of moving the database to which you are going to upload to a different SQL instance, or SQL server. Once the uploading is complete, move it to its final home.

6. Issue due to Web Front End (WFE)

If you are uploading to some dedicated Web Front End that users are not hitting at all, there can be slow loading problems again

What We Suggest – Deploy DNS or load balancer settings in order to complete the migration.

7. Connection issue between Web Front End and SQL Server

If you are deploying an improper connection between SQL server and WFE, you may face the issue again

What We Suggest – You need to use either of the following –

  • A dedicated high-speed network b/w Web Front End and SQL Server
  • Teaming, only if supported by NICs

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