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SharePoint On-Premises Or SharePoint On Cloud?

Are you facing difficulty in making a selection between SharePoint on cloud and SharePoint on premises? If yes, this article will help you to take a suitable decision.

This article provides a basic overview of the major differences between SharePoint on cloud and SharePoint On-premise. So let’s begin by taking a look at the different environments needed to run on cloud vs. On Premises.

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SharePoint Environment

As with any On-premises vs cloud based discussion, one of the most crucial differences is the impact on internal resources. SharePoint on cloud is provided by dedicated hosting service providers such as Techarex Networks.

sharepoint cloud

SharePoint On Premises

SharePoint On Cloud

The SharePoint server is located within the corporate network or office boundaries. The SharePoint sites reside in the Techarex Networks Data Centre.
This solution demands an internal IT support structure including manpower, hardware and software, and the use of a Managed Service Provider. Techarex Networks minimizes the dependency on internal resources and provides enhanced globally deployed failover and redundancy features.
Microsoft patches and updates are regularly maintained and applied by the internal IT support Team. Microsoft patches and updates are regularly maintained and applied by the internal IT support Team.
For authentication, On-premises Active directory is used.
Full accessibility and customization of any SharePoint feature as per the requirement.
Techarex Networks SLA ensures 99.9% availability.
Techarex Networks data centers provides reduced latency and high network bandwidth.
Enterprise level services such as BCS, Performance Point, etc. are available 24 x 7 Client Side support



SharePoint On Premises

SharePoint On Cloud

Infrastructure deployment & maintenance Farms are managed by internal IT support team. Latest updates/ Patches may or may not be deployed. The environment is managed by the Techarex Networks and it ensures that all updates and patches are deployed
Business Continuity (BC) It is dependent on internal capabilities. Techarex Networks provides end user backups or data recovery.
Product Features It supports for enterprise feature, installation of office web App(OWA) is required Supports all features available in On-premises SharePoint.
Storage needs Expensive storage devices, Site Collection -More than 100GB, Scalable Storage Size Cloud hosting with Techarex Networks provides Cheap storage cost

Attractive Plans Available for Application Hosting

No matter whether you choose SharePoint on cloud or SharePoint On-premise, one thing is for sure: it’s much easier to maintain data backup over cloud using a third party hosting service providers.

Moving SharePoint over cloud simplifies the level of infrastructure support for fault tolerance, recovery, web access, border security, and archiving due to the availability of SharePoint hosting experts by your side.

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