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SharePoint Employee Usage Still A Mammoth Challenge, Study Says

Being a highly robust collaborative platform, SharePoint is deployed across several global organizations. However, according to a recent report revealed by a market analyst firm, having employees and particular groups deploy it as their core enterprise content & document management system still remains a big challenge for organizations across the globe.

Major Findings of the Survey

The survey was done with 274 members. As per the report made post survey, it was found that SharePoint deployment has incrementally increased which is a good news for SharePoint hosting services providers too; however, almost 58 percent confirmed that SharePoint was still a challenge when it came to usage by employees.

One of the major problems in regards to this was that 43 percent respondents told that their employees or groups make use of their preferred file-sharing applications in everyday usage. This is something that turns out to be a hit on SharePoint usage.

Almost one quarter respondents (23 percent) confirmed that they had plans for hybrid environments besides having plans of keeping some portion of their highly sensitive data on premises.

Mixed Reactions on SharePoint Server 2016

SharePoint Server 2016 got officially released in May. However, as per the report, only 23 percent respondents confirmed that they were aware of what it exactly offers. Around 29 percent had just no idea whatsoever about what was included in SharePoint Server 2016.

Few respondents also confirmed that they were still using SharePoint Server 2010 while 41 percent respondents confirmed using SharePoint Server 2013.

While 17 percent respondents said that they would definitely increase their spending in order to upgrade to the new SharePoint Server 2016, 13 percent said that they would be purchasing the new SharePoint server release for the very first time. Furthermore, 2 percent confirmed going live with the SharePoint Server 2016.

SharePoint as Enterprise Content Management/Document Management System

The survey also revealed that 28 percent of organizations were deploying SharePoint as the prime enterprise content management/document management (or ECM/DM) system.

Another 13 percent respondents said that SharePoint is pretty crucial to their ECM/DM environment while 22 percent respondents reported that adoption of SharePoint within organization was moreover being hampered by reluctant employees.

Survey Results on SharePoint Deployment Failure

Since the initial release of SharePoint, several global organizations have actually struggled to get their employees fully make use of SharePoint.

40 percent respondents reported that their dedicated SharePoint server implementations were not successful. Following are some key survey results in regard to the failure as quoted by the respondents –

● Two-thirds (67 percent) blamed the failure on inadequate user training
● Around 66 percent respondents said SharePoint is too tedious to use
● Another 64 percent reported no support from senior management as the main reason for failure of SharePoint deployments.
● 58 percent respondents reported change management mainly for their deep reluctance to deploy SharePoint
● 51 percent blamed lack of technical expertise as the main reason
● More than one-third respondents quoted inconsistent metadata classifications to be the main issue

Despite all such big challenges, there is still some good news available. Around 58 percent respondents confirmed revitalizing their existing SharePoint projects via user training is top priority for them. Another 35 percent said that they had plans to make SharePoint as their primary ECM.

So, irrespective of few disappointing results from the survey, this comes out to be a promising prospect for the SharePoint platform.

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