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SharePoint Adoption As Document Management (DM) And Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System

No doubt, the SharePoint platform has gradually evolved over time. At present, it has positioned itself to become an incredible digital workspace and reliable universal interface for global businesses.

Considering the current industry scenario, SharePoint is being deployed extensively in support of all kinds of collaborative efforts such as –

● Co-authoring of documents
● Information sharing

In this blog post, we will disclose the key findings of a recent survey aimed at finding the popularity of SharePoint in the role of Document Management (DM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Along with that, we will discuss the impact SharePoint 2016 has made on users.

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Key Findings of the Survey

The survey results revealed that there is a slight drop compared to last year of SharePoint use in ECM and DM. Among the survey participants, 28 percent cited it to be their only (10% respondents) or main (18% respondents) ECM/DM system.

User adoption has long been and is still an issue as quoted by 58 percent of respondents who cited inadequate training and deficiency of management support as the two main reasons for the same.

It must be said that it actually indicates human deficiency and not technological deficiency. In fact, technology is not failing the organization that much compared to the organization failing technology.

While for some organizations, each of the new SharePoint versions is welcomed and humbly embraced, others find it to be a struggle and challenge to keep up with the newer versions.

Surprisingly, as the new SharePoint 2016 has been introduced lately, there are a number of organizations that are making a move to SharePoint 2013 while some are confined to SharePoint 2010 only.

In the survey, 17 percent respondents indicated that they will not hesitate in increasing their spending for upgrading to the new SharePoint 2016. Another 13 percent indicated that they will be making their initial SharePoint 2016 purchase.

When questioned about the SharePoint adoption rate, respondents quoted interesting facts as depicted in following image.

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As it can be seen, 22% respondents reported facing challenges in SharePoint adoption while 11% said that they have already reached a robust plateau of SharePoint adoption.

In terms of SharePoint meeting organizational expectations, almost half of our survey respondents were quite happy with SharePoint as well as the on-going product roadmap, while half also agreed that SharePoint does provide good value for money.

Typically, such organizations have a totally focused plan and work as an effective cross-functional team.

This needs to be an on-going practice for all aspects of a SharePoint project be it initial purchase, or upgrade and expansion. It must be ensured that SharePoint is fully addressing the complex business needs and is not put in place just for the sake of a technology.

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