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SharePoint 2016 Records Management : What All You Need To Consider

There are several factors to consider while working with SharePoint records management and corresponding implementation of an overall information governance program. Initially, you need to ensure following first –

●  Ensuring complete involvement of all business units
● Ensuring that the organization has deep understanding of the significance information governance holds in the current time.

There are some other important considerations too. Let’s discuss the same.

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New Work Styles

It’s not a hard fact to digest that global organizations have been moving gradually to Cloud because of the superb flexibility it offers.

At present, users are looking out for new ways to be able to get access to crucial files using almost any device. Definitely, such ubiquity of access may bring out troublesome issues for a company’s records manager in case a proper process is not being adhered to.

One crucial key to a flawless SharePoint records management program lies in suitably limiting the interruption of the normal workflow of users. It’s possible to do so by suitably automating policy rules as well as lifecycles on records.

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There are a number of outdated platforms that cannot handle this automation; however, these platforms may show enough flexibility to handle several repositories.

One of the biggest concerns from the standpoint of workflow is that in case the process in place happens to be too cumbersome, employees are more probable to find a workaround. This often involves deploying a third-party tool not lying under your organization’s information governance umbrella.

This for sure presents high amount of risk & compliance issues for your organization. You must make SharePoint records management easy for users.

Effectively Securing the Cloud

When discussing about Cloud, the foremost conversation that comes into the picture from a technical perspective has to be cyber security. Furthermore, it is also important that same information governance policies are well in place.

Ensuring compliance is a must and so data in Cloud while going for Dedicated SharePoint Server needs to be secured at each & every point in order to ensure absolute compliance.

It’s well known that compliance violations can be detrimental to a company not from only financial standpoint but also legal standpoint. Last year, the average cost of data was $3.79 million.

Also, you need to understand that SharePoint records management program can benefit best by including IT, General Counsel and directors of various business units.

This would allow crafting a highly proactive plan while ensuring that all parties are fully aware of all processes & approvals in place.

Correctly Balancing Employee & Organizational Requirement

A successful SharePoint records management strategy involves correct balancing of the employee and organization requirements.

Few policies need to be set firmly. However, this is a time demanding several users from various departments in order to get the correct measure of their daily workflow.

It would yield much better results by getting buy-in from start rather than passing down rules that need to be followed without much of consultation.

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Undoubtedly, SharePoint is a robust tool be it any of its versions including SharePoint 2013, 2010 and earlier. But it’s also vital to harness its power correctly if desired results are to be attained. Most importantly, the organization’s compliance regulations need to be well balanced against functionality and usability too.

Finally, it can be stated that an ideal SharePoint records management program can be created easily by focusing on ease of use and addressing both compliance & governance needs at the same time. The role of a SharePoint administrator becomes more crucial here.

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