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SharePoint 2016: New & Improved Features

Microsoft has come up with a new range called SharePoint 2016. This is an advanced version with more improved features. To get an advantage of the application, downloading is the foremost step. After you install SharePoint 2016, you will get a view like:

SharePoint 2015 OverviewWith this new range, there is a possibility of new hybrid. There is no surprise that Office 365 would be a part of the application. Here is a list of services what you will get in the application:

OneDrive redirection

Although this feature was available in the previous version, SharePoint 2016 also has the qualities. Now in this, you can redirect your sites to Office 365 subscription’s OneDrive for business host. In another words, if a user will click on OneDrive, he/she will be redirected to his/her Office 365 and will no longer be available to on-premises.

Sites you can follow at a single place

Now in this, you can click on “follow” in both on-premises and Office 365 and can check them out all at once at a single destination under the “Sites” app.

Hybrid Cloud Search

This is one of the best features of the application. Office 365 search will take on-premises SharePoint search index, so that the user can get a result for his queries. If users of on-premises query against their on-premises search service, they will get only local results.

App Launcher & UI changes

The users will enjoy the best and advanced technology even in Office 365 or SharePoint 2016. That’s why it is important to provide users an identical interface to navigate both. So, the new version introduces App Launcher along with changes to UI to accordingly match with the Office 365 experience.

SharePoint 2016 infrastructure & performance enhancements

Only hybrid is not the thing to get attention in SharePoint 2016, in fact many changes have been made to Office 365 to enhance the experience. Zero Downtime Patching, Increased File Size for better uploads, quicker Site Creation are some of such enhancements.

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