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SharePoint 2016 and Hybrid Cloud Search

More than 75% of all Fortune 50 companies use SharePoint to leverage an easy-to-use platform which is accessible to all employees. This not only helps increase productivity and agility of the workers but also keeps everyone in an organization connected to each other. Organizations also use it to create websites or to form a safe and secure virtual platform to organize, share, access and store data.

A few months earlier, Microsoft made public the SharePoint Server 2016 “IT preview along with their ‘Cloud hybrid search’ feature. The preview was meant to introduce the public to the new and improved version of SharePoint. The preview allowed users to get an idea about the new changes and improvements made in the latest version.

According to Bill Baer, Senior Technical Product Manager for Microsoft’s SharePoint team – the latest version will incorporate a new feature called the ‘cloud-accelerated experiences’, which lets users run certain SharePoint features that are only available on the cloud on their own servers, in a hassle free manner. This feature allows users to use cloud based application like Office Delve and Office Graph, while utilizing both on-premises and local resources. Cloud-accelerated experiences also allow users to share data through their on-premises servers and from the cloud as well.

Another amazing feature that was announced by Microsoft along with the SharePoint preview is the ‘Cloud hybrid search’. While the standalone version will be compatible with SharePoint Server 2007 and later, this feature doesn’t come with the preview version of SharePoint. However Microsoft has made promises that it will most definitely be integrated in the final version of SharePoint. This feature allows Office 365 users, who work with a hybrid style SharePoint architecture and database to get clubbed search results from both local serves as well as the cloud. As per the claims from Microsoft, this hybrid search feature will in theory diminish the overall footprint of on-premises searches.

With loads of new & improved features, the preview version of SharePoint Server 2016 promises a new and intuitive user experience which seems very familiar at the same time. It provides IT professionals with fantastic features that aim to improve productivity & performance metrics. For developers, it offers features that help them create web based applications for Cloud as well as local servers.

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