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SharePoint 2013’s Related Items Site Column – A Useful Tool for Businesses

Over the years, there has been a drastic change, the way organizations do business and operate. Many companies are now adopting new technologies to accelerate business growth and also streamline work and communication with the organization.

As the demand for new technologies are on the rise, in the year 2001 Microsoft came up with a web application platform called SharePoint. This application basically manages content, works as an intranet within the company, helps in developing websites and many more. In the past few years many versions of this suite has been launched, and every time it came with new features.

SharePoint 2013 is the latest version, which has won over the hearts of the people for its simplified user experience. This version is more of a business tool as enterprise social media capabilities have been added to it. This feature basically is a more advanced form of website management that includes shared calendars blogs, surveys, wiki, shared lists and documents. It also has a community forum for users to engage in discussions, microblogging and enhanced search capabilities.

It has also brought a change in how documents and files are being managed with its advanced features. One of the very efficient features to manage the documents is Site Column. It is basically a document library that belongs to the entire site instead of being a part of any list or library. The most interesting fact is that it can not only be used in the lists or libraries created in the site, but also in the subsites. The site column is also used to create new content types.

SharePoint 2013 introduced Related Item Site Column which is a more advanced version.  This has proved to be very useful for business prospect. Related items in site column in SharePoint basically helps in finding related data for any list item.

Once an item is created in a List or Library one can easily add reference to another document in to any list/library as a related unit. The site columns can be changed from hidden to any custom group, even though it is hidden in a group by default.

Adding Related Items in Site Column in SharePoint is also quite easy. This column can be put into any list or library using ‘Add from existing Site Column. However, this needs to be first in the column display under any of the existing groups.

The introduction of related item in SharePoint 2013 have smoothened the workflow in organizations and also have accelerated business growth.

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