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SharePoint 2013 Tutorial – For Beginners

Microsoft SharePoint offers an easy platform for all your business processes, including data storage, well-coordinated team work even when the members are at distance from each other, publishing departmental information, and management of business operations.

A new edition of SharePoint is introduced by Microsoft every few years with some remarkable modifications and updated features. The latest version, SharePoint 2013 has various features that distinguish it from the older versions.

For all the beginners, we have designed an easy to understand SharePoint 2013 Tutorial. It will make you familiar with the ways of using SharePoint 2013 to extract maximum benefit of the various features it offers. However, it is essential that beginners understand what SharePoint 2013 is, before going in detail about the features of SharePoint 2013 and knowing the benefits of using it.

SharePoint 2013 is basically a web application platform or a collaboration portal by Microsoft Corporation that offers a platform to a group of individuals or an organization to share the available resources with their members. It works with the combination of content management, intranet, extranet, enterprise social networking, document management, personal cloud, workflow management, enterprise search, business intelligence, web content management, and an enterprise application store.

SharePoint 2013 enables its users to share any kind of data as well as IT products among the members irrespective of their geographical location. This non-conventional method of sharing business assets facilitates easy and smooth operation of any business. Organizations of all scales can benefit from this utility.

  • Cross-browser drag & drop support for file uploads.
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Enhanced tool for task aggregation
  • Better social network features
  • Distributed Cache Service
  • Content-aware switching
  • Audit center
  • Improved Rebuilt and search quality

SharePoint 2013 can benefit all kinds of users in a number of ways.

  • End Users get several perks of using SharePoint 2013. Features such as Open a document as a PDF, Share & Follow documents, Support for Cut and paste from Word and Focus on Content button.
  • Various features, like Namespaces and Classes, are of special interest for developers. Also, there has been an upgrade in the Visual Studio 2012 templates. All the Complete Developer Samples can be viewed at SharePoint 2013 Developer Samples.
  • For administrators to have a better SharePoint 2013 experience, several PowerShell Commands have been upgraded, such as SPSite. It has been done with the aim to have a better performance on Site Collection.

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