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SharePoint 2013 New Features – Drag Drop, Download, Preview, Print and Share

Isn’t SharePoint 2013 just awesome? Have you explored all the new features of SharePoint 2013? There are tons of new exciting features in SharePoint 2013 which are amazing and it will change the way you work and operate with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint document libraries. Some of the most amazing features in SharePoint 2013 includes Drag & Drop feature, users can preview, download and even the option to print is included.  Here is a brief walk through on the new features in the SharePoint document libraries.

Drag and Drop Feature

Truly an innovative idea by Microsoft to add these awesome features to its already popular document libraries. Now, on any document library, simply drag and drop the document you want and you can upload it with a quick progress bar. This feature works by simply selecting a document from the local and drag it to the document library, the window will change itself to ‘Drag Here’.


Another excellent feature is the preview feature.  To enjoy this feature, all you have to do is this – in your document library, click on the “…” next to your document. By clicking, a new preview window will open up with tons of options below it.

Print or Download

In the preview pane, click on the small stack icon to access the download a copy”, get a print in PDF or get the files embed code options. Users can also use the embed documents on any SharePoint page or in News feeds.

Share & Follow

Social media is everywhere and it’s making a big impact in our daily lives and this SharePoint’s new Social integration feature is just perfect to stay updated with the world. Now with this new feature, users can share documents with tons of people or even with all the employees in a company or they can follow the documents. If you are following a document, you will see the documents under “Documents” in your Newsfeed which is on the right, plus this feature is also right below the Preview of the document.

SharePoint 2013 has come up with some neat new features in the SharePoint document libraries. These features are definitely awesome and it does make its very user friendly. Not only can you drag, drop or preview your documents, you can also share or follow. Give all these features a try, you will love it.

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