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SharePoint 2013 Branding Advantages

SharePoint 2013 allows organization to collaborate with each other tying them in an extensive social network. This has been extremely helpful for them in getting customized web service. All these factors accumulated to bring enhanced worked processes. One of the reasons organizations are so keen to get SharePoint 2013 is its knowledge management service. This is an offering for the organization dealing with loads of data on daily basis. SharePoint 2013 offers organization to expand their social media capabilities as well as their existing capabilities existing capabilities of website management like shared calendars, blogs, wikis, surveys, document libraries and shared task lists.

Website branding is the most suitable path to find traffic for your website. Otherwise all your money spent in getting an easily approachable website for your organization will all be waste. SharePoint 2013 branding feature is the recent rescuer to pull the website from the dead. The feature makes use of HTML tags, images, colors, fonts, logos and styles to give your website a visual that can actually capture the sight of the internet researchers. A constant branding effort means a constant way of improving your website to suit the requirements of the visitors.

SharePoint 2013 was used to create a clean master page and integrate and the wire frames. For mobiles there was no luck. With upcoming of SharePoint 2013, two most unique tools for branding also came up- Composed Looks and Device Channels. A guide to SharePoint 2013 will be extremely helpful giving you an idea of how to use the branding feature and two most significant features.

Composed looks

Composed looks, in a simple way, is a way to create a theme for your webpage using master page, a color set, a font and an image. At first it may not sound as interesting as you people expected, but, people using the tool say that composed look is the one they have been looking for.

To create one go to site settings, then to web designer galleries, and then to composed looks.

Device channels

This second tools is the second best advantage of using SharePoint 2013 branding. If want give your website to have a distinguishable look, then this feature could work wonders. The feature has helped many users in giving their website a specific look. This specific look comes from giving a unique style to a specific device. As this a universally accepted fact that something that is of utility will have most buyers. You can sell your website in the market by making it unparalleled.    

To give your website a unique look go to site settings, then to Look and Feel and in that click Device Channels.

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