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SharePoint 2007: How to make changes in Navigation settings

One of the new server programs of 2007 Microsoft Office system is the SharePoint Server 2007. It helps any organization to collaborate and offer content management features. Also, it provides its assistance in implementing business processes and supply access to data that is important to achieve goals and processes of an organization. Users can create SharePoint sites without investing much time; it helps them to support certain content publishing, content management, records management, and business intelligence requirements. Additionally, users can conduct current searches for people, documents, take part in forms-driven business developments and examine large amount of business data.

It usually happens that when users try to make changes such as date and time, to their navigation settings in SharePoint 2007, they face an error saying ‘Page has been modified by another author on’. It is one of the common issues with Microsoft however; the same can be easily fixed. Users can follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Create a list of content headers that have been ruined. This has to be done under the site’s Navigation configuration page.
  2. Now, check URL for each content header such as documents, discussions and list created by you. You will find this in the ‘Selected Item’ box residing at the bottom under Navigation. In case the URL is really long with copied code, just click cancel as it can create problem.
  3. Go to View All Site Content. Click on each of the documents, lists or discussions that have problems. Now go to Settings, Title Description and then Navigation. Switch the button to ‘NO’ for the query displayed ‘Display this document library on the Quick Launch?”
  4. Go to the Web Site view post opening SharePoint Designer.  At the bottom of the Web Site view screen, select the Navigation option.  Delete the despoiled content heading links.
  5. Lastly go back on the SharePoint site, go to View All Site Content, click on the unlinked lists from step 2 and re-link them to the Quick Launch.

Users need to make sure that while viewing the navigation, all of the completed URLs are changed to relative links. This is done by removing the server information.  And also if ever the DNS entries is moved or changed, the location of these absolute links won’t change.  Hence, it proves that we should always use absolute links.

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