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Service Applications SharePoint 2013 Offers

SharePoint 2013 allows the configuration of individual services independently. It has also provided the benefit of service additions to the third-party companies. This kind of services structure has enabled organizations to control of the services that can be deployed and how these services can be shared.

These services are known as service applications. These service applications arrange for the resources that can be shared all over a farms across sites, and can be opened by users through a hosting web application. These Service applications are linked with web applications through service application connections. Some services can also be shared across farms as well.

Deploying these service applications is almost similar to SharePoint 2010. Here is the list of SharePoint service applications that can be deployed while using SharePoint:

  1. Application Management Service: This service is used for storing and providing information that is related to SP App licenses and permissions.
  2. SharePoint Translation Services: the service is known to provide ability of built-in machine translations on the SharePoint.
  3. Access Services 2010: it helps users in viewing, editing, and interacting with Access 2010 databases in a Web browser.
  4. Access Services: this service also allows users to view, edit, and interact with Access 2013 databases in a Web browser.
  5. Business Data Connectivity service: furnishes access to line-of-business data systems.
  6. Excel Services Application: It is basically used to view Excel 2010 files in a Web browser.
  7. Managed Metadata service: takes care of taxonomy hierarchies, keywords and social tagging infrastructure while publishing content types within site collections.
  8. Performance Point Service Application: it is known to provide the skills of Performance Point.
  9. Search service crawls content: it comes to use while producing index partitions and serves search queries.
  10. Secure Store Service: it offers single sign-on authentication to make use of multiple applications or services.
  11. State service: enables storing user session data for SharePoint Server components on temporary basis.
  12. Usage and Health Data Collection service: it is generally used to gather farm wide usage and health data and also helps in viewing several usage and health reports.
  13. User Profile service: the service is highly supportive for My Sites, profile pages, social tagging and other social computing features.
  14. Visio Graphics Service: This service enables users view and refresh published Visio 2010 diagrams in a Web browser.
  15. Word Automation Services: it is used to Implements automated bulk document conversions.
  16. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service: it basically provides multi-tenant infrastructure for service applications.
  17. Web Analytics service: Provides Web service interfaces.

Add-on/Installable Service Applications

  1. Office Web Apps services.

Microsoft Project Server 2010.

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