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Planning to Add a Custom logo to your SharePoint site? Find Out What to Consider

An organization logo is a means of its brand endorsement. In fact, this small symbol speaks almost everything about an organization. So, it should be such that it creates an impression on everybody’s mind. It often happens that a person recognizes a brand more by a logo and by the name. Thus a logo is a succinct view of an organization’s identity.

Organizations, presently, are very particular about their endorsement strategies. So, they never let go a cutting edge technique of promotion. Website being a most recent technique of spreading your company’s value is now deployed even by startup organizations. Look at logos of a brand and you are fascinated to buy their product from that moment onwards. Thus, your website logo should sell your site at different search engines.

SharePoint techniques can potentially make your website land on first two pages of top search engines. So, these techniques are not worth foregoing. Use SharePoint services to add a value to company’s branding strategies and develop a website that is attention grabbing. SharePoint is famous for managing a company’s data assets and helps organizations in build an extensive social network. So, if you are lacking collaborations, then SharePoint is just the right product for connecting with multiple service providers in a short time span.

Since, your logo is the very first and attention catching feature of your website you can SharePoint has proved to extremely useful in creating one such logo for website. Here are few tips to be kept in mind while you add a custom logo to your SharePoint site.

  1. If your knowledge for graphic or design concept is inadequate then you can hire a logo designer based on your budget.
  2. A distinguishing logo will help your customers to differentiate you from competitors. Thus spend time in analyzing what is trending in the world of logos.
  3. Your logo should be descriptive enough to make others understand what you are dealing in. do not deviate your logo design from your core business.
  4. To have unique logo symbolizing your business and the industry you are flourishing in do not use common logo galleries and computer clip art as it can be easily recognized as a generic art.
  5. To fit your logo in the upper left corner of the screen, try not to exceed the size beyond 200×100 pixels.

To make a logo that complements you website design, use designs and colors that match your website design. This will not let you deviate from what your website depicts.

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