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Now Microsoft PowerApps and Flow are available

Now,  Microsoft Flow and PowerApps are available generally. It enables the users to automate  their workflows and build custom apps quickly that will meet their specific needs. Earlier, Microsoft announced the integration of Microsoft Flow with SharePoint, it enables you to create and directly launch the flows from the list in SharePoint. They also announced that the native integration of SharePoint and PowerApps would drive best new experiences in order to continue recreating business processes with the modern document libraries &  lists in SharePoint.

This  tight integration is crucial for unlocking productivity gains for the digital environment. The first step was accessing the data from the mobile devices, and next is bringing the business processes at the same site for the team documents & data. Therefore, SharePoint referred as an platform for any enterprise business applications.

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow join Power BI to create what they on the team referred as the power trio. Collectively, they allow the ‘power users’ (read – non-developers) to get the work done that are required programming skills in the past, and they each playing a specific role such as:-

•  Microsoft PowerApps – It rapidly build the web & mobile business applications without any coding
Microsoft Flow – It automate the business processes by just simple configuration
•    Microsoft Power BI – It visualize and analyze your business driving data

When you select the option Create PowerApp from a SharePoint list, then the PowerApps web designer will open in the browser.  As, the web designer knows the context of SharePoint list (where you came from), then it will create a default app for you automatically in the web designer that is based on the schema & data of the list.

Then, you can use the web designer to customize your app to meet your business needs, as it will share the same available capabilities in the PowerApps Studio.

The apps that you create in this way will show up as the views that can be launched and shared from the new modern SharePoint list experience.  This will also allow you to grip PowerApps to build the custom and mobile-optimized views of your available lists and then share them with your employees.  Apart from that, since PowerApps is a kind of cross-platform service, so by that, you are able to run the apps you create across all your devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, , and the web browser.

Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

When you can try it out by yourself?


Very Soon! Both the integration of PowerApps in SharePoint modern experience for the custom lists and the ability of creating the new apps in PowerApps from your web browser will be available soon.

In the meantime, you are still able to signup for PowerApps now and can start building your cross-platform apps that are connected to your SharePoint lists via the ‘Create an app from your data’ experience.

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