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Why You Should Move to SharePoint 2016

With the emergence of SharePoint 2016, most of the businesses confronted with one of the daunting questions, and that is – why should I upgrade to the most recent release of SharePoint? So here you will get the answer for your query. Let’s consider the top reasons why you should consider an upgrade to SharePoint 2016 –

1. Better Mobile Interface

Our mobile devices have continued to develop gradually with the faster processors, higher resolutions, and faster connections.

As we’ve used Smartphones and tabs for a while, and now they are becoming more powerful and capable of handling conventional work activities.

With SharePoint 2016, the on-premises version is more like cloud and nimble as well. This allows you to store your content on the site and it is accessible on your mobile devices.

This is something that will make your busy staff much happier.

2. Get updates more often

Earlier, the development cycles of SharePoint were long and had the problem in maintaining the latest hardware and software.

In this fast moving scenario, the leading websites like Facebook, Pinterest etc., our users also expected the latest web UX instantly. And, now there is no need to wait for years for an update.

Microsoft is going to frequently release updates & Feature Packs for further enhancement of SharePoint 2016. And, now on-premises customers don’t have to wait years between the release cycles to avail the benefits of the latest web technology.

3. Un-clutter the Code

As most of us know, that it is just like pressing a button and you’ll be upgraded from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016. Though, there is only one way to upgrade out of the box, and i.e. Database Attach method. Apart from that, you don’t have to waste your time in figuring out which method you’re going to use.

As you can surely use the Database Attach Method for the on-premises upgrades, it will obtain everything from your previous version as well. This may be a good option as an easy migration, but it will also move out all your out-used, outdated, and outlived garbage.

In addition to that, preparing for a manual migration can also raise the argument, whether to make the jump or just a partial hop to the cloud as, Microsoft is going to provide us all that ultimately. The migration can be also used as an opportunity to split-up your site collections that have gotten too large, or associated with the ones that had no business being separated in the priority.

4. You Don’t Have To Be That Type of Person

Certainly, you can’t be that kind of person who is running SharePoint 2007 by the time 2020 comes.

At meeting/conferences, any time you may be asked what version of SharePoint you are running currently, then, there will be always one or two fixed in the past.

As SharePoint is progressing so you need to follow suit. Migrating to the newest version will bring along a number of extra capabilities that previous versions were unable to provide you with.

The positive effect can be taken somewhat similar to embracing SharePoint dedicated hosting rather than sticking to on-premises.

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