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Microsoft’s SharePoint 2016: Awesome New Features Added For It’s Users

The general availability of MS SharePoint Server 2016 was announced on May 4. A bundle of new features have been incorporated in the new SharePoint 2016. Moreover, users going for SharePoint 2016 can expect many new updates in the coming time.

In this blog post, we will take into consideration few major aspects involved in migrating to SharePoint 2016. Moreover, we will also take a quick look into the new app made available by SharePoint along with the future plans of Microsoft.

Crucial Migration Considerations to Make

You need to initially take a good look at the customizations level in your existing SharePoint version. Typically, customization comes under two categories – branding and custom application. Branding involves modifying the look, feel and appearance of standard SharePoint pages by making suitable changes to one or more of following –

● Master pages
● Themes
● CSS files
● Web parts

For local environments, the proliferation of such customizations generally works well. It’s because of the reason that in such environments, SharePoint Administrators have become used to fixing issues ranging from bad performance to the more complex ones like crashes.

Applications are typically based on a full-trust code that runs side-by-side with your SharePoint. These are intended to meet required business needs by extending or modifying the SharePoint functionality.

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SharePoint App for iOS Platform Designed to Simplify Things for Users

Microsoft 2016 new features available

News about the new app from SharePoint was creating buzz in the industry since a long time. The new iOS app for SharePoint will now allow users to get several leverages that were unavailable previously.

By using this app, users will be able to connect to sites and portals that have been programmed for people within the company.

Microsoft claimed that SharePoint users will now be able to keep the Intranet in their pocket with this app. It simply means seamless access to company news, sites, content and more using the iOS device.

One of the best things about this app is its ability to work with the other available Microsoft mobile apps.

Search has been further strengthened as users will be able to locate required resources simply by entering the common keywords. Isn’t that great?

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Wait! There’s More to Come from Microsoft for SharePoint Users

Having already launched the iOS app for SharePoint, Microsoft has aligned much more to come for users in the coming time. Microsoft has far more comprehensive plans for this year, some of which include –

● Launch of SharePoint mobile app for Android and Windows
● Integrating SharePoint sites with Office 365 Groups
● Microsoft Flow integration with SharePoint

Hopefully, SharePoint 2016 will become more and more vital for businesses in the coming time as Microsoft reaches the final stage of these highly promising plans.

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