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Microsoft Brings SharePoint App to Play Store with Launch of SharePoint on Android Preview Version

The immensely collaborative platform SharePoint has millions of global users; hardly any of them connect to it through an Android mobile app. That’s simply because Microsoft had not released one for Android despite releasing the same for iOS platform quite early. But things will now change for the good.

Microsoft has just released an early access version of the SharePoint app on Google Play Store which means that Android device users can actually consider using SharePoint while being on the go.

Microsoft Sticks to What it said on App Release for Major Platforms

Millions of users make use of Microsoft Office – be it typing a simple letter or making complex spreadsheets or some other related task. For several others, SharePoint is another crucial, fundamental part of the suite, which worldwide organizations deploy for a variety of implementations and reasons.

Microsoft had announced back in May, that mobile apps for iOS, Android, as well as Windows 10 Mobile would be made available. First to come for SharePoint mobile users was the iOS app which has been followed by this latest release of Android version.

It can be said that Microsoft has taken one step closer towards its goal of releasing mobile apps for SharePoint by launching preview version of SharePoint on Play Store. Please note that this release has been made as part of its early access program.

Early Access of Android App Seems Confusing? Here’s what it means

For those who are not so familiar with early access, let’s make it very clear that the app is very much functional. It can be installed easily on several devices provided the devices have a fully compatible Android software version.

Android 4.4 and later is the compatibility requirement for SharePoint. However, it must be noted that this app is for businesses or schools having an existing Office 365 account along with SharePoint online.

Also, because this is a preview version only, it can be considered to be technically “unreleased”. So, a final version of SharePoint product is yet to come. Having said that, there can be changes to the app as later, Microsoft may choose to add more features at the time when they launch the Android app fully out of preview status. They could even remove features from the app; so, anything is possible.

SharePoint Android App is indeed Amazing

The SharePoint Android app entails almost everything you’d expect like –

Users can edit documents with Office Mobile apps (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote). This would allow for easy updating on all your Android devices including phone and tablet. Powered by Microsoft Graph, this app makes it quicker to reach to the content and people you want to connect to.

In case you have been waiting long for using SharePoint on your favorite Android device, the same is available for download on Play Store. However, as already mentioned before, the app is in early access and hence technically unreleased. So, be prepared to encounter some bugs and missing features.

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