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Microsoft Announces Release Of iOS App For SharePoint

Microsoft has finally released SharePoint app for iOS platform. After this much awaited release, users will find it lot easier to access the SharePoint application while being on the go using their iOS devices.

Microsoft has made the app compatible with SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server versions SharePoint 2013, 2016.

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Users will find it easier now to add multiple accounts and switch between the added accounts as required. What the iOS app for SharePoint would offer has been a subject of debate among industry experts. With curtains off now, we can now analyze all crucial features the iOS app comes loaded with.

How SharePoint Users will Benefit from the newly Launched iOS App?     

 iOS App for SharePoint

Microsoft’s new iOS app for SharePoint will simplify things for users in a number of ways. Firstly, users will be able to sign into their SharePoint sites, irrespective of the sites location being in the cloud or on-premises.

Secondly, searching for your SharePoint sites will be extremely simplified. All the sites that you visit quite frequently as well as the sites you follow can be searched by using the “Sites” tab. Just tapping into a team site will help you know more about it. Besides all this, you can view all site activities and use the quick launch navigation for easy navigation.

Users will also be able to look out for all recent and most popular files using the app. Moreover, integration with OneDrive app will allow users attain complete access to all document libraries. File editing would be simplified more by deploying Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote mobile apps available for Office.

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On clicking an Office document in the iOS app, corresponding Office mobile app will be launched. Availability of Links tab will allow you view a complete list of sites and portals created by SharePoint administrators in your company.

You can even find all promoted links for your firm by using the Links tab.  Enterprise search will be available throughout the app with results organized into files, sites and people. Besides that, the app will also allow getting a lot of details about users simply by clicking their contact card. A single tap on a user will help you know they work with and the tasks they are working on.

Precisely, this new iOS app will bring better improvements in the user experience for SharePoint users. Users just need to download the app to enjoy its full features.

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