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Licensing Changes with New SharePoint 2013

Intranet is somewhat similar to the internet website except that the users are restricted. Intranet is only accessible by the people within an organization to convey message, send e-mails or accomplish other related task. Intranet needs web servers to deliver messages and internet browsing to view the content.

SharePoint Hosting Services

To keep the details and essential information to a limited zone, the companies approach the providers for intranet connection. Most organizations choose intranet to convey messages among people in the organization and you can build and maintain it at an economical price.

Now the question is where does Intranet hosting come in?
Due to change in licensing of SharePoint, the intranet hosting seems to be attractive. If you want to run SharePoint on-premises, then you need to have a SharePoint license along with a user CAL. The prices are rising and enterprise CALs are also increasing. So with all these changes, there is an advantage of hosting intranet in the business. The providers offer the same at an economical price so that you can enjoy increased ROI.

Now here are some of the business benefits of intranet hosting:

Reduced Cost
When the employees can easily find the answers to their queries, it can surely reduce the call charges allowing the employees to use intranet and get the content.
Reduce Administrative Costs
Posting business processes and checklists also increases the operation efficiency and keeps control on the administrative expense.

Brand Consistency
It is a better choice to save documents on desktop rather than maintaining papers. Through this, the marketers have a major control over corporate branding.

Improved remote access
It makes the access at a remote location easy and comfortable. Therefore the employees can get in touch with each other or may do task at any location and anytime.
Due to all these reasons, intranet hosting is gaining popularity. If you are one of those who are looking for such solutions, get in touch with the providers and reap out the profits.

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