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Information on SharePoint Can Go Incognito during Navigation

SharePoint comes as a life saver to all those who need to organize their work in a such a way that it becomes easier to access shared files and data, engage more employees, share ideas within an organization. This software is easy to use and can be utilized both by web developers and non-programmers alike.

SharePoint 2013 helps in managing website, share calendars, blogs, wikis, surveys and document libraries in addition to microblogging and enhanced search. Combining tools like DataView to SharePoint 2013 not only helps in modifying and customising data but also assist entrepreneurs to organize the work flow within their organisation, connect with employees and experts.

This software has major tools to enable users navigate through websites. These tools are Tree View Tools and Site Content Page provide a good navigation. The only limitation in using both of these tools is that while navigating all the contents on the website becomes visible. This might be slightly problematic in cases where the available lists or library should not be viewed or modified by the users. Although users have permission to view, interact and modify data, there are ways that tell how hide links name in SharePoint on tree view and contents page.

These are the steps to SharePoint 2013 Top links – Name, ID and How to Hide them.

Since Tree View tools display everything on the site during navigation but you don’t want much content to appear in the search, you can safely hide content from the page by following a few steps.

  • You can start by opening your SharePoint site in the SharePoint designer and click on the List and Library section in the left side.
  • After the main window is opened, you can select DocLib To Hide the content that you don’t wish to appear on the Tree View and Content page.
  • Then go to General Settings on the Settings page and mark the check box which says Hide from Browser, and then.
  • Save the changes made by clicking on the disk icon appearing on the top left corner of SharePoint designer’s window. If no asterisk appear in the List or Document Library in the main window tab.

Following the above steps will disable the contents like name, Id’s, SharePoint top links and other sensitive information to pop up in the search during navigation of the websites via major tools like Tree View Tools and Site Content Page. Its  also highly recommended to have a good understanding of SharePoint features in order to derive the maximum out of it.

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