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Increase Productivity with ‘My Tasks’ Tool of SharePoint 2013

Today, in the era of cut throat competition, everyone is striving hard to become an efficient worker and get the taste of success. But in order to become a proficient worker one needs to focus on the present tasks. Often people face the challenge of organizing their day’s task and sometimes miss them too.

That is why to streamline workflow in organizations Microsoft launched SharePoint a web application platform. SharePoint has not only transformed the way companies handle their daily tasks but also helped in managing content and documents, it is a web-based intranet for employee communication. In fact, its distinctive features have increased productivity in the organizations that use it.

SharePoint 2013 is the latest version, which has introduced a great feature for managing tasks called Work Management Service Application. This feature basically aggregates the tasks assigned to a worker within SharePoint and it displays in a location – My site. Here you can manage all your tasks, even create new ones, identify the ones that are on high priority. The tasks are visible on a timeline for your convenience.

A great thing about this Work Management Service Application is that there is an option of ‘Sync to Outlook’ so that, all the tasks can be accessed within outlook and even you can manage it from your Smartphone. Workers can easily manage their assigned task from one location i.e. My Site. Another interesting thing is that all the work can be categorized or grouped by project sites and locations.

The important and upcoming view in SharePoint 2013 is another great feature that has really facilitated the users in managing their work. It basically gives a special view of all the tasks as they are displayed on a timeline. Even the high priority tasks are marked important and there is also a list of upcoming tasks that needs to be done in future. The best thing about this special view is that it can be managed by the user. The completed tasks can be easily removed or new ones can be added.

Using My Tasks is quite easy. If you have to set a work as important, click on important and upcoming view in SharePoint and then click on ‘Set Active’. This helps in creating a separate list of important and upcoming tasks. Apart from this, you will also be able to see Active List, Completed List and Recently Added.

This Task Manager feature in SharePoint 2013 has made note pad a thing of the past and thereby has increased the productivity among the employees in the organizations, as they can easily manage their tasks with the help of this application.

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