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Learn everything about “App part” in SharePoint 2013?

In SharePoint 2013, everything in a SharePoint site is an app. SharePoint app is generally a web application, a stand-alone piece of functionality that relates with SharePoint via the Client-Side Object Model (CSOM), the REST and JavaScript API. App part in SharePoint 2013 is a mode by which the SharePoint can be surfaced through an app part. It is a type of Web Part that is characterised by the Client Web Part class.

App cannot comprehend any server side code which is used in outdated SharePoint farm and sandboxed solution development. App code does not reside on the same server as SharePoint, rather it implements in the client browser, in IIS and in the cloud, thereby making the app roughly combined with SharePoint. This allows developers to extend the abilities of SharePoint sites without achieving full-trust access to the SharePoint farm.

App is allowed permission to SharePoint via OAuth. A key feature of app is that it can be established using any programming language and technology such as HTML, JavaScript, .NET, PHP and Java. App is available to a public marketplace or a corporate app catalogue from where users can download or purchase it. It is easy to find in app store, install, use, manage, upgrade and uninstall. In SharePoint 2013 App development an App part is a Container Frame for the App.

Quick Facts About App Part

  • It’s a kind of WebPart for your App or a WebPart to Display Content of the hosting App on one of the current SharePoint pages. Alternatively, you can also add Custom properties to the App Part.
  • You can have more than one app part deployed with your app.
  • The two parts can have different dimensions and functionality.
  • You can deploy app parts to the app web.

Furthermore, App Part is also known as Client Part. It is one of the major ways in which an app can be offered to an end user. It provides a way to support an app to SharePoint. It uses an Iframe html component inside a SharePoint page to show the contents of an app. In App Parts, the UI and the app content is produced remotely with the app code running outside of the SharePoint server.

This certifies complete segregation between the SharePoint surrounding interface and the embedded app. SharePoint spontaneously generates an App Part in the Web Part arcade when an app is deployed to SharePoint site. App Part helps to deliver a way to add a piece of functionality to a page. In App Part, the app code runs outside of the SharePoint.

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