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How to Enable and Read RSS Feeds in SharePoint 2010 Libraries And Lists

RSS feeds offer an incredible way of tracking the updates on a website without requiring you to visit it. It thus automatically eliminates the requirement of checking the data sources for updates.

Your SharePoint 2010 team site’s list & libraries are pretty much capable of displaying RSS feed.

In this blog post, we will discuss the method of enabling & viewing RSS feeds in SharePoint 2010.

So, How Do I Get Started?

Initially, you need to enable the RSS feeds for your list by enabling the RSS button. Typically, the SharePoint toolbar contains the RSS button that allows users to fetch the URL for a specific feed. All you need doing is to look for this button and ensure that it’s enabled.

Possibly, the RSS feed for a site collection may be disabled by permissions.
Hence, before you start, you also need to necessarily ensure that you get the site collection administrator permissions.

RSS Feed

Simple Procedure to Enable RSS Feeds

1. Click the “List” tab in your list.

2. Click List Settings button in Settings group. If doing for a library, click “Library Settings” button

3. Click the RSS Settings link in the Communications section

4. Go to Modify RSS Settings page > Allow RSS for This List and click the “Yes radio” button. This will finish configuring your list’s feed’s default settings

5. Save your changes by clicking OK

Here, it must be mentioned that if RSS Settings link is not visible as discussed in step 3, it indicates that RSS is disabled for your site. To enable the same, you need to do following –

✓ Go to the Site Administration section available in the Site Settings page and click the RSS link
✓ Ensure that the SharePoint farm administrator has enabled the RSS for your web application

As RSS feed for different list & libraries are different, you will have to configure RSS for each of them where you want to deploy RSS.

How to View/Read the Enabled RSS Feed?

● Go to the list/library where the RSS feed is supposed to be viewed
● On the Ribbon’s Share & Track tab, click the RSS Feed button
● Use your browser as a reader and subscribe to the feed.
● Alternatively, you can also paste the feed’s web address in whichever feed reader you want to

Note that a built-in stylesheet is used by most browsers for displaying the feed. Following figure displays an RSS feed for MS SharePoint Tasks list in the Firefox web browser.

Enabled RSS Feed

One of the most critical points to be noted for receiving RSS feeds is to turn them ON else you will not be able to receive them.

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