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How to use List Templates in SharePoint 2013

With the new features offered by SharePoint 2013, users can now easily embed a Word document in a web page of a website. The content of the Word document can now be made visible on the webpage. Also, the webpage containing the content will automatically reflect all the changes made in the Word Document once it has been embedded in the web page.

To make the most of this added feature, you just have to follow some simple steps. Though there are several ways of embedding a Word document in a web page, here is the easiest step-by-step process details on how to embed word document in SharePoint. Follow the given method for embedding any word document in a website.

  1. With the use of Office Web Apps from a SharePoint Document library, make a new Word document.
  2. Go to File section, select “Share.Share” option.
  3. Select “Share” option.
  4. A window containing the Embed Code will appear on the screen. Copy the code after adjusting its size.
  5. Save the document. The process will be completed after the saved document is added to a SharePoint page.
  6. Open your SharePoint 2013 site.
  7. There will be a little settings arrow. Click on the arrow and then select “New Page” option.
  8. Give a name for the new page to be created. After you have filled in the name, select “Create”.
  9. Now select “Format Text” tab and then click on “Edit Source” option.
  10. The Embed Code that was copied by you in the earlier steps is to be pasted here in the source box that appears on the screen.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Select the option that reads, “Save and Publish”. Final output will be displayed on the screen.

Some Important Points to Remember

  • The saved word document must be saved in the folder which contains the HTML document.

This means that the location of the word document must be same as that of the HTML document.

  • In case you are working on Microsoft 2007 or on later editions, then the word document must always be save with the extension “.docx”. To know better about the extensions compatible with Microsoft Office Word, users can visit the official website of Microsoft.
  • For using the extension “.txt”, then users can use it on the website itself within the <p></p> tags.

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