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How to Successfully Configure DNS & SSL for MS SharePoint 2013 Apps

App model was the greatest addition by Microsoft in SharePoint. This was the only application that allows additional functionality to SharePoint. You can host it in a SharePoint environment or may be outside the environment by requesting the service provider.

If you are thinking about the configuration for the same, the steps are quite easy and straightforward.

Here are a few steps to configure DNS and SSL for SharePoint app:

Part 1: DNS Configuration:

• The foremost step is to get an app domain and it is important that it must be separate from site’s domain.
• Later on, configure DNS for both website and app domain. In case, they are not created then just create two new lookup zones for the website and app domain. To create a lookup zone for domain, just verify user account that performs.
• The next step is to create an “A” record for the SharePoint site.
• Further, create a wildcard CNAME record for app domain that points to site URL.

Part 2: SSL Configuration:

• Get a wildcard SSL for app domain
• Create a placeholder web application for your app domain
• Update IIS bindings to use SSL’s

Using wildcard SSL certificate allows various SSL web applications to be restricted to certain IP addresses or their combination until the host readers have a permission to allow IIS to separate traffic as it arrives.

However, these are useful steps to follow but for the best results, you can ask the experts to get it done for you.

Microsoft recommends how to configure DNS and how admin applies SSL certificate. If there are certain issues, you can consult an expert on how to apply the domain and get your DNS and SSL configured.

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