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How to Share Sites and Documents with External Users in SharePoint?

SharePoint includes essential features such as lists, document libraries, workflows, calendars and team sites. Talking about a list, it is basically used to store data as rows and form views to display the data in various mediums like filters, sorting and grouping. Likewise, a document library is used to store documents and files.

Additionally, users can add columns to tag the document and create views. On the other hand, workflows may be useful to items stored in lists, documents and libraries.
Moreover, calendars can be used to keep track of meetings, appointments and events. A place where the users can make a single document, meeting, process, department and organization is known as a team site.

Clients can also add users to SharePoint. External users are the people outside of your organization such as contractors, onsite agents or affiliates. Though, they do not have a license for your SharePoint Online or Microsoft Office 365 subscription however, they can use your SharePoint Online sites and documents. These users inherit the use rights of the SharePoint Online customer who is fascinating them to work together.

For instance, if an organization purchases any of the Enterprise plan and forms a site that utilizes enterprise features, then this external user is approved for the rights to use and view the enterprise features within the site collection. While external users can be invited as absolute project members to execute a full range of actions on a site, they will not have the similar potential as a full, paid, licensed member within the organization.

Furthermore, external sharing is activated by default for your entire SharePoint Online environment and the site collections in it. Alternatively, users can deactivate it worldwide before anyone starts using sites or till the users actually know how to use the features.  Also, users have a lot of elasticity when enabling external sharing so generally, users wish to spend some more time considering the options available.

For example, users can allow sharing the documents and site across the tenant, which offers all users the capability to share. They can also limit sharing to certain site collections so that only those site collection administrators and administrators of sites within those collections can attract external users. Lastly, users can limit the facility to share sites and documents to a select group of users.

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