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How to Auto Refresh A Page In Microsoft SharePoint?

If you want your SharePoint page to automatically refresh after a specific number of seconds then the same can be done with ease. All you need to do this is, to add a Content Editor Web Part and then a JavaScript to the source editor.

In this blog post, we will take into account all the steps for auto refreshing SharePoint Page. Typically, AJAX-based approach is considered more suitable in this regard. However, here we will discuss the quicker way of doing this with ease.

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Adding Auto-Refresh Content Editor Web Part and Using JavaScript Code – The Process Involved

You can also deploy the Auto-Refresh Content Editor Web Part to create a dashboard that refreshes automatically as per a fixed schedule. For this, you need to follow steps mentioned below –

1. Go to the corresponding page and edit it. Ensure that you have the necessary rights & permissions for the same.
2. Add the Web Part to your page
3. Go to “Media and Content” Category > Content Editor Web Part and select the suitable option from the dropdown for “Add Web Part to“. In our case, we have chosen “Header

Auto Refresh a Page in Microsoft SharePoint

4. Select “Edit Web Part” from drop down

5. Update following settings –

● Select “Refresh the Web Page” for Title
● Select “None” as the Chrome Type

6. Click OK

7. Next, click section “Refresh the Web Page” to add script to the webpage. You will see a cursor in the content area

8. In the content area, go to Editing Tools > Format Text and choose “Edit HTML Source” from the HTML dropdown

Auto Refresh a Page in Microsoft SharePoint

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9. Type following JavaScript code in HTML source box –

Auto Refresh a Page in Microsoft SharePoint

By using this script, your page will reload in every 30 seconds.

Repeated Automatic Refresh Issue in SharePoint…

Let’s also take into account a typical scenario related to automatic refreshing in SharePoint. While working with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Web page, you may come across a scenario when a Web Part configured for refreshing automatically does not stop refreshing.

So, what’s the reason behind such unusual behavior? SharePoint experts confirm that the problem arises due to non-processing of JScript code for automatic refresh.

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to avoid this problem –

● In Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, open the page containing virtual List Web Part
● Click “Edit file” and then the Web Part
● Click the “Asynchronous Update check box” available on Options tab
● Select an interval from the “Refresh Interval drop-down list”
● Save the settings

So this was how you can auto refresh a SharePoint Page, for more tips and advice on SharePoint bookmark our blog and subscribe to our blog posts.

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