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How to perform unplanned Database Migration

You may have configured database earlier using an easy process, but the chances may be there that it may not come up with the best results. In case, the need arises to move the configured database to another SQL server, you may create an easy and unobtrusive method for the same. Most of the time, the situation may arise when you do not create an SQL alias at an initial stage of configuration and you need to move the configured database.

There may be multiple reasons to move the configured database like –

  • You may want to change the topology
  • SQL server machine is not working properly
  • You may have created a test/ development environment on a single server

Here are the steps to move SharePoint configuration database to another server:

  1. Reset the farm password to something you will remember. Write it down
  2. Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and detach the server from the farm.
  3. In SQL Server Management Studio, detach the configuration and admin databases.
  4. Copy the databases to the new server.
  5. Attach the databases in SQL Server Management Studio.
  6. Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and attach the server to an existing farm

There is a much better way in case the process fails. You can simply take an advantage of CLICONFG.EXE (SQL Configuration utility). Check out how you can do the task:

  1. Detach almost all SharePoint databases
  2. Copy the database to new server
  3. Attach the databases in SQL Server Management Studio.
  4. Use CLICONFG.exe on the old server.

After all databases have transferred, you are now ready to run CLICONFG.EXE. to take advantage of this.  Follow the steps given below

  1. In a command window, navigate to c:\windows\system32
  2. Open cliconfg
  3. Click the Alias tab and then click Add
  4. Choose TCP/IP
  5. In the Server alias box, type the name of the SQL Server that you entered when initially running the SharePoint Configuration wizard.
  6. In the Server name box, type the IP or hostname to the new SQL Server
  7. If you are not using the standard SQL Port, you’ll have to change that

You will get a dialogue box as shown below –

SharePoint configuration database

Now, whenever this server looks for SharePointConfigDB, it will route to NewServer.

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