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How To Optimally Deploy The Calendar Feature In SharePoint?

Organizing tasks according to a fixed schedule is a tedious task for most organizations; however, with SharePoint Calendars, the task becomes fairly simplified and systematic.

You need to know the correct way to use the calendar feature in SharePoint that involves creating the calendar, accessing it and adding events as required.

In this blog post, we will consider the systematic procedure to follow while working with SharePoint calendars.

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About SharePoint Calendar

A calendar in SharePoint site can be considered more or less like a whiteboard calendar that is placed in a hallway.

Just like anyone who has access to the public space (hallway), can access the calendar, similarly anyone having access to the SharePoint site can access the calendar as and when required.

About SharePoint Calendar

So, users having access to the calendar in SharePoint can update it accordingly with project deadlines, vacation schedules, birthdays and more depending on the requirement.

Accessing a SharePoint Calendar

If you want to access an existing SharePoint site calendar, the same can be done via Quick Launch. All you need doing is to go to Quick Launch > Lists > Calendar.

Accessing a SharePoint Calendar

However, if you have just started and are yet to create a new calendar then that’s easy too.
We will discuss the steps to create a new SharePoint calendar in the next section.

Creating a SharePoint Calendar

You will find creating a calendar in SharePoint fairly simple by following the step-by-step procedure given below –

  • At the home page of your SharePoint site, go to Quick Launch > Site Contents
  • On the Site Contents page, go to “Lists, Libraries, and other Apps” option and click “Add an app”.
  • Click Calendar in the “Add an app” page
  • Assign a name to the calendar and click ‘create’ to finally create the calendar

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Adding an Event to a New SharePoint Calendar

Once the calendar is successfully created, you can add event to SharePoint calendar as per requirement. Following steps will guide you through the process to follow –

1. Go to “Site Content” page and click the newly created calendar

2. Click “Events” displaying at the top of the page. You will see the events ribbon expanded.

3. Click “New Event” on the ribbon and enter the following fields in the new item window –

  • Title
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Description
  • Category
  • Reoccurrence

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4. Finally, click ‘Save’ to save the event

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