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How to Increase The Upload File Size Limit In SharePoint 2010

Uploading large size files is always a problem be it your e-mail or for a normal Internet based usage. With SharePoint, the problem may become worse if you don’t have a clue on how to fix it quickly & easily.

In this blog post, we will discuss the steps to tailor the file size limit in SharePoint 2010.

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What’s the Exact Problem?

Big file size documents that are more than 50 MB always show errors during their upload in SharePoint 2010. It’s mainly due to the default settings for maximum file upload size in SharePoint that equals 50 MB.

So, for example, if you try uploading an 85 MB file in SharePoint 2010, following error will be displayed –

file in SharePoint 2010

But fortunately, there is a solution available for the same.

Steps to Customize the Upload File Size Limit in SharePoint 2010…

If you have critical documents of size more than 50 MB that you require uploading to SharePoint, you need to follow few steps to increase the SharePoint upload limit.

Let’s take a look at the steps to follow for the same –

1. Using Central Administration to Increase Upload Limit

  • Go to Central Administration > Manage Web Applications
  • Select web application row as per requirement
  • Now go to General Settings > Maximum Upload Size and change the value of setting corresponding to the file size that needs to be uploaded
  • Finally, Click OK

By following the above method, web app becomes able to receive large files. However the upload would be still prohibited by IIS7 until you make specific increase in IIS7 request length.

In the next step, we will understand how to increase IIS7 request length.

2. Increase IIS7 Request Length

You need to make use of following command on the machine running IIS7

In the valueInBytes section, enter the value of bytes; for example if file size is 85 MB, enter 85x1024x1024=89128960 bytes.

A confirmation message will be displayed once the command is successfully applied.

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Ensure to Avoid Connection Timeout…

One of the most crucial points to be noted is the IIS7 connection timeout settings as there is a strong possibility that the connection times out while you are uploading large files at relatively lower connection speed.

Typically, the connection timeout is set at 120 seconds.

However, if you deploy a low speed Internet connection, you can always increase this limit by following steps given below –

  • Select the Web Application in IIS
  • Go to Advanced Settings
  • Enter the connection timeout value as required in seconds

With everything in place, you will get following window for successful file upload

window for successful file upload

Hopefully, this blog post will equip you with the knowledge about increasing upload file size limit in SharePoint 2010.

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