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How To Deal With The Problem SITE-2 in IIS

While computing we there are many problems encountered and many often results in creating prolonged problems. While working in SharePoint, which is a Microsoft content management system and aims it provides centralized, password protected space for document sharing. The SharePoint comprises of

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Windows SharePoint Services ( WSS)

Garner calls basic content services as the foremost functionality for SharePoint services. It is very useful as it offers the users some provisions like versioning and check-in/checkout functionality. There are many collective advantages and WSS can surely be drawn-out by using applets and proficiently provide email alerts, shared calendars, etc.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server ( MOSS)

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) sits on top of WSS and includes extra components, both to the basic WSS layer and in addition ways for the end-client to collaborate with the store.

Microsoft Search Server

At last there is the Microsoft Search Server, an Enterprise Search motor that gives propelled indexing and seeking capacities that can be coordinated into a MOSS Web-based interface.

Users generally experience an issue prompted as SITE_2 in IIS. It is generally encountered on an APP server I and it usually results in getting struck while starting. You may experience many times that the application stops working and many time it responds, but if you see in detail the app server I, eventually you will come to know that all the web sites with the name SITE _ 19818 have no binding at all. Many times the web sites with bindings do not loads or stops working.

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 Don’t panic while you get the prompts of SITE_2 in IIS, but try to rectify the problem by following the following steps –

  1. Get the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application to start on both app and web server now its stuck STARTING 🙂
  2. You will find the prompt of Site2 from the connections page.
  3. Click on the left pane and you will get prompted of the error of SITE_2 in IIS
  4. In order to removes the problem click on the left pane and then click on SITE_2 to highlight it and then right click on it and select remove or click remove from the right pane.
  5. After removing SITE_2 in IIS, ran the configuration wizard one more time and created a new farm and if you get the same issue then go to control panel and repaired my installation and that will work perfectly for you.
  6. Re-bind the websites back on the web server to get the web sites working.

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