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How To Create SharePoint Picture Library

By using a picture library, you can share graphics and digital pictures. You can even provide links to your library pictures from blogs, wikis etc. By using a picture library in SharePoint, you can do a lot more including following –

  • View your pictures in a slide show
  • Download pictures to your system
  • Edit pictures using suitable graphics programs that are fully compatible with SharePoint Services

In this blog post, we will understand  the step-by-step procedure for creating a SharePoint Picture Library

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Why you should Create a SharePoint Picture Library?


Creating a SharePoint Picture Library is a must in case you your team is working with pictures, corporate logos and graphics more frequently every day.

 SharePoint Picture Library

By deploying a SharePoint library, you can save considerable time that would have been otherwise spent in –

  • Sharing a picture
  • Resizing/editing a picture


Step-by-step Process to Create Picture Library

You need to follow the steps given below in order to create a picture library –

1. Click “View All Site Content”. You will get to see the “Create” option on the “All Site Content” page.

2. Click “Create” to start the process.

3. When you see the “Libraries” option, click “Picture Library” in it. As per your choice, give a name to the library by entering the name in the Name box.

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NOTE – This library name is visible on the library page’s top. You can locate it in the navigational elements.

This description will be visible at the library page top, right under the name of the library. You can also receive the library content via e-mail. In order to do this, you need to mention the library’s e-mail address in its description. This will help people to easily find it.

4. Once you have finished the description, select “Yes” option in the Navigation section.

5. You will see that your administrator has enabled your website to receive all sorts of content via e-mail. Clicking “yes” will allow users to add files to library by suitably sending them in the form of attachments.

6. Next, in the e-mail address box, type the “++ `+part” of the address you want people to use for the library.

7. To create a specific version each time some file is checked into the library, click yes in the “Picture Version History” section.

8. Click “Create” in the end.

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