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How to Create a WebPart Page in SharePoint 2013

The new features of SharePoint 2013 are awesome. SharePoint has included tons of features and improvements on list, sites, page and even option to change or customize the Master page. In fact, SharePoint 2013 is not only user friendly with all the new features, but also looks better. Among one of the features that is very handy for users is the Web Part Page. Web Part Page is used to add multiple web parts to a site while following the structure on a page. This article is all about How to Create a Web Part Page in SharePoint 2013 and the different step that you need to follow.

Creating a Web Part Page in SharePoint 2013

  • Click the settings icon and select Site Contents.
  • Click the Site Pages library or whichever library you want to hold your new Web Part page.
  • Click the Files tab of the Ribbon.
  • Select Web Part Page by clicking the New Document. Web Part Page is on the left of the ribbon in the drop down when you click New Document.
  • Type a name for the new page in the Name text option. Users can choose a layout in the Choose a Layout Template box.
  • Next, click different options in the list box, from which users will see a thumbnail of the layout options.
  • Choose the document library which will contain this page by choosing an option from the Document Library drop-down list.
  • Next, Click the Create button.
  • After clicking the create button, your new page will open in Edit mode, where you can start adding web parts depending on your requirement.

Apart from the steps on how to create a web part page in SharePoint 2013, here are also some very useful tips on what you should keep in mind while creating a web part page in SharePoint 2013. Once a web part page is created; layouts of the web part pages can’t be modified or changed. Users will have to utilize every zone which appears on the layout. Make sure that you select and use a layout that supports the design of the page you desire. In SharePoint 2013, web part pages are stored in in libraries, the site pages library is selected for you by SharePoint 2013 by default. Users can also create new libraries if they want to store Web Part pages in different locations.

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