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How to Connect Calendar in SharePoint to MS Outlook?

Creating and accessing a SharePoint calendar allows users to keep systematic track of all schedules and events. Among the various benefits of deploying a SharePoint calendar for a SharePoint team site, following two are the most prominent ones –

✓ Each of your team members has access to it and can accordingly add appointments
✓ SharePoint manages the security aspect

Connect Calendar in SharePoint to MS Outlook

But, what if you deploy MS Outlook for managing your appointments? In that case, you may find visiting a separate website quite an issue. You need not spend your complete day navigating through different calendars as you can manage it all through Outlook only.

All you need doing is to Connect to Outlook through SharePoint by following a few simple steps. In this blog post, we will take into account the steps to connect & view a SharePoint calendar in Outlook.

Why to View SharePoint Calendar within MS Outlook?

Let’s first understand the reasons behind viewing SharePoint calendar in MS Outlook. There are a number of benefits of viewing SharePoint calendar within Outlook as mentioned below –

✓ Simplified syncing of Outlook calendar with SharePoint
✓ Modifications done to the calendar in MS Outlook reflect in SharePoint
✓Simplified toggling of calendar by checking/unchecking the corresponding box

Procedure to Connect SharePoint Calendar to Outlook…

1. Initially, click on your calendar from the main left-hand menu in SharePoint to view the complete calendar

2. Secondly, click on the word Calendar to open up the full menu bar, this is located along the very top-left.

3. Next, on the Actions menu bar, click the button “Connect to Outlook”.

Connect Calendar in SharePoint to MS Outlook

4. Depending on the web browser being used, you may get a specific confirmation message. Click on the message to continue.

5. Lastly, you will get a pop up with a message prompting you to confirm if you want to link this SharePoint Calendar to Outlook. Click the button saying “Yes”.

 Connect Calendar in SharePoint to MS Outlook

Once the final step is completed, you will be able to see your SharePoint calendar in Outlook, alongside your normal MS Outlook calendar.

Depending on your requirement, you can either leave the calendar as a separate pane, or can deploy the ‘Overlay’ feature to make all of your calendars appear overlaid on top of each other.

As you can notice, the method described above is pretty straightforward. By following these easy steps, you can connect your SharePoint calendar to Outlook.

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