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How To Add JavaScript Or jQuery In Your SharePoint Site

Use JavaScript or jQuery in your SharePoint 2013 and add an exciting quotient to the look of your SharePoint websites and webpages. With the help of JavaScript or jQuery, one can customize the user interface of SharePoint and make it more user-friendly. The features offered by JavaScript or jQuery if utilized efficiently can help your website appear distinctive and highly engaging.

Users often face difficulty in making their SharePoint website look different using JavaScript or JQuery. To help them out, we here describe how to add JavaScript or jQuery in SharePoint site. There are several ways of adding JavaScript or jQuery in a SharePoint webpage or website. The easiest and the most used method of including JavaScript or jQuery in a SharePoint webpage is explained below –

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  • Visit the website, jquery.com.
  • Download the compressed production version of jQuery library to your desktop. It should not be the development edition; it has to be specifically the compressed production version.
  • In the next step, SharePoint Designer (SPD) is to be opened. Now connect it to the root level of the site collection of your SharePoint website.
  • Open the folder named “Style Library” in SharePoint Designer.
  • A new folder is to be created then. Name it as “Scripts” and save it in the Style Library.
  • Hold and drag the jQuery library JavaScript file into the Scripts folder from your desktop.
  • Another JavaScript file is to be created in the Scripts folder.
  • In SharePoint Designer, open the master page file.
  • In the master page, find the <head> tag. Within the <head> tag, include a script reference to the jQuery library. It must be added right before the content place holder named “PlaceHolderAdditonalPageHead”.

The jQuery library reference is as given below:

<script src=”/Style%20Library/Scripts/{jquery library file}.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

The script reference is to be added just after the jQuery library reference. The script reference to be included has been given below:

<script src=”/Style%20Library/Scripts/actions.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

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Following these simple steps, you will be able to add JavaScript or jQuery in your SharePoint site. The JavaScript or jQuery will be first added on the custom master page. Also, there will be a reference included in the page for the custom scripts file. JavaScript or jQuery scripts can be added to these custom scripts file easily. In a single SharePoint site, there are numerous JavaScript or jQuery files. Therefore, special attention must be paid while adding the scripts to a file.

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