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How To Add Custom Tiles To SharePoint Site Page – SharePoint 2013

The all new SharePoint 2013 comes with tiles on default home page and this is very useful to promote important links of your company or business on you company’s intranet home page. SharePoint 2013 “add custom tiles” is an exciting feature and adding custom tiles is an easy task but you need to follow some simple steps. If you are looking for tips and guides on how to add custom tiles to your homepage, here are some simple tips that will help you greatly.

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Steps to Add Custom Tiles to SharePoint site Page

Remove all the existing tiles by using “Remove this” above the tiles. Users can leave titles on the page and create a new page to add their own set of tiles. Use a new list template “Promoted Links” to create a set of title.

“Promoted Links” is a new list template that was included in SharePoint 2013 to add links that needs to be promoted as Tiles. Users can create this by creating a new Promoted Links list and add all the links they want to be displayed as tiles. After creating this, add the Promoted Links list view web part on a page which can display your links as tiles.

Move to Site Content of your SharePoint 2013 site. Click on “add an App” or Click on tile “Add, list, libraries and other apps.”

Choose the list template “Promoted Links” and create a new list from it

Click on All Promoted Links view to add a new link.

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Add new link by clicking on new item

Share details about your new tile, such as title, background image location, description. The new tile will have the below details, which you will have to fill up:

  • Title: the link title text
  • Background image location: the image URL and alternative text
  • Description: description text which will be displayed when you mouse over the Tile
  • Link Location: the targeted URL.
  • Lunch Behavior: to determine if you want to open the URL in current page, new tab, or in modal dialog

After adding details about the new title, navigate to the page where you want to add your tiles.

Click on Insert tab -> Web Part by accessing from Edit the page.

Select promoted links and add it to the page. Finally, save the page after it’s done.

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