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Handling Search Broken issues in SharePoint

Have you ever experienced help search broken in SharePoint? Well, this is a common issue through which a technical person will definitely come across. After some troubleshooting, most people experience it and experts find that SharePoint sites have a problem.

Mostly when the SharePoint does not work, it shows a blank page, but for this case, it displays a dialogue box with a message “sorry the page you are looking for can’t be found”.

Handling Search Broken issues in SharePoint

Even after much troubleshooting, you may find that other SharePoint sites are also having similar issues. It does not matter if it was foundation or serve, all of them may have similar issue and can show the message again and again.
It was a global SharePoint issue and in an article it was stated that this is not because of configuration and from the system. The experts are still finding the reasons for such issues. However, one way to solve it temporarily is to follow certain steps:

• Go to central admin url, then replace “default.apx” with“ admin/privacy.aspx
• Display Help from external Sites as specified by Help collection. Click No.

Through this, the local resources get active for help. Still, this will not fix the issues, but you can get rid of error page and this will also limit the search results.

Handling Search Broken SharePoint

This forum comes up with help for the users. On this page, if a user will navigate he/she will find a link to support that takes him/her to the page of support office. So, the user can easily find the content. You can get help from the links. In that link, you will notice in the search items with the top one “qu=est” and bottom link is “Query=help”. Now here is a working search screenshot for the term “help”:


This is not a unique website to SharePoint; it’s just a support page Microsoft provides for its different office products. So, if you are interested, you can also turn on display help from external website as mentioned against each help page.

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