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Top 6 Features of Microsoft SharePoint – A Case for Hybrid Cloud

The much-anticipated cloud deployment that is making a buzz in the world of technology today is SharePoint.

Being the next edition of the web-based SharePoint portal, SharePoint 2016 boasts better collaboration and productivity.

There are several features that will be revamped and upgraded to this version of the intranet platform; of which the most crucial ones have been listed below. Have a look!


  1. SharePoint 2016 with Better Data Sharing

Users will enjoy more control over data sharing related permits. Optimum enhancements will be appended to OneDrive for Business. The same will be now accessible on Mac devices as well. Upgradation will also improve the feature of video sharing.

  1. Improved Search Tool

The Search attribute of SharePoint is one of its most used features. In the latest SharePoint 2016, Office 365 users will find this utility with enhanced aspects that will result in more effective and well-defined search process. There will be finer indexing and analysis standards.

  1. Business Intelligence Power

Another feature of SharePoint that distinguishes it from other similar online services is Power BI.

This feature has pulled in a greater number of users for Microsoft SharePoint. With SharePoint 2016, users will get a much better BI with significant improvements.

  1. Superior Content Management

For any data stored on SharePoint, Office 365 ensures its customers of no data loss and proper content management.

With every new edition, Office 365 introduces highly superior data loss prevention features.

This functionality helps in identifying crucial data, such as social security numbers, and assures complete data retention.

  1. Effective Administration

SharePoint 2016 provides easier ways to migrate to Office 365. This will certainly boost the relationship between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premises and create safer and more effective hybrid environments.

  1. Basic Development and customization in SharePoint

The basic modification in SharePoint or Office 365 includes improvements in APIs as well as other features. In SharePoint 2016, Office 365 users will receive improved tools for authentication, file sharing, development and other related tools.

Office 365 users familiar with SharePoint know its capabilities. It holds the potential to elevate your business to a higher level with its efficient features and tools.

Microsoft with the upgraded version SharePoint 2016 aims to lend a far more improved experience to its valuable customers. Especially with SharePoint Cloud hosting, the benefits will multiply further for users.

It is surely going to be another remarkable case for the Hybrid Cloud.

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